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About the Student Leadership Assistants

The Student Leadership Assistant (SLA) assists the Center for Leadership (CFL) by researching, developing, administering and assessing a broad array of student leadership development and educational programs. The SLAs are a group of students passionate about leadership and social change. The various functions of the SLA position culminate in supporting the mission, vision, and values of the Center for Leadership.

SLAs work in the CFL as paraprofessional undergraduate student employees with tasks such as:

  • Leadership program development
  • Outreach to and consultation with other student organizations and university departments
  • Representing CFL at various events and on various committees
  • Event planning for CFL initiatives such as Leadership Academy and the Leadership Certificate Program

Request a presentation or retreat if your organization or club would like the Student Leadership Assistants to facilitate a workshop, retreat, or session.  They are able to plan individualized sessions for your group or present a standard session.

Apply to be an SLA for the 2014-2015 school year

Contact the Center for Leadership to request the SLA's to assist your group via email at or by phone at 419-372-9623.

2013 Student Leadership Assistants:

Lashaunda Brown-Clopton

Lauren Brunswick

Lindsay Marshall

 Porscheness Ray

Anna Voinovich

Kimberly Zaccaro

Center for Leadership

301 Bowen-Thompson Student Union