Leadership Certificate Program

Jump Start on Achieving the Leadership Certificate Program Requirements

1.  Attend Leadership Development Workshops

  • Research leadership development workshops and training events offered across campus.
  • Attend the events, take notes, and collect any resource materials offered.
  • Keep record of the following: workshop title, name of presenter, workshop date, 3-5 bullet points describing the knowledge you gained from the workshop, and how you plan to apply the content in future leadership positions. 

2.     Get involved with Community Service opportunities

  • Keep record of the following: service project title, event organizer, event date, number of hours you volunteered, and 3-5 bullet points how this project positively impacted the community.

3.     Be an active member of a campus organization or student employment area

  • Attend scheduled meetings, events, retreats, and training sessions.
  • Become involved with organization planning committees
  • Seek out active leadership and management opportunities (both formal and informal).

4.     Identify a Mentor

  • Identify a faculty member, organization advisor, student employment supervisor, etc. who fits your leadership or career aspirations.
  • Set up initial meetings to discuss transition to college, academic success, leadership development, planning for a career in your chosen profession, etc.