As a member of the Bowling Green community, you will now have a new set of responsibilities and expectations that come with being part of your surrounding neighborhood. It is important that you demonstrate qualities associated with being a respectful neighbor and display a positive image of the university and its students.

Sometimes conflicts come up between neighbors. These problems usually arise as a result of poor or absent communication.

The most common types of neighborhood conflicts include:

  • Noise and nuisance complaints, i.e. parties, vehicles, etc.
  • Parking problems and occupancy concerns
  • Animal disturbances
  • Safety issues, such as speeding cars
  • Property maintenance/upkeep (or lack thereof)

You can avoid some of the problems that by following some simple steps:

  • Introduce yourself to surrounding community members by stopping door-to-door. A simple hello goes a long way to building relationships.
  • Exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other contact information.
  • Get to know residents on a personal level (ask questions about their interests, professions, and their family).
  • Keep your property respectable – let your house be a positive reflection of the community.
  • Remember to take care of your lawn and remove excess snow, or see that your landlord has arrangements to do so.
  • Do not have an excessive amount of cars in the street.
  • Do not leave pieces of trash around your lawn or front of house.
  • Be considerate of noise, especially at night.
  • Handle problems politely and maturely through personal communication.