If you choose to live off-campus in the City of Bowling Green, it is important that you become familiar with the different laws and expectations related to your residency in the City.  The information below includes some of the those important laws and ordinances. 

In particular, the Zoning Ordinance in Bowling Green, Ohio created in 1975, states that in many houses in the city, no more than 3 unrelated person may live together, unless the house is exempt from this particular ordinance. For many students, the cost of rent and utilities may be overwhelming and it may be tempting to add an extra roommate or two to help carry the expense. However, the Bowling Green City Occupancy Ordinance sets strict limits on how many unrelated persons can legally occupy a residence. Your landlord may have additional restrictions for long-term guests (roommates or guests not listed on the lease). You need to know the occupancy limits on your apartment or house. If you are over the limit you risk having your lease terminated. As you consider a place to live off-campus, please keep this in mind and remember to ask your potential property manager about this ordinance. For more information, contact the Planning Division of the City of Bowling Green.

Also, please take time to read through the following brochures, published by the City of Bowling Green:

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