ESC Dialogue Series

Ethnic Student Center Discussion Series Spring 2014 

Every Wednesday from 5:00 - 6:00 P.M. in the Ethnic Student Center located in 318B Math Sciences (unless specified)

What is an Intergroup Discussion?

Intergroup Discussion Series invites students from different backgrounds and social identity groups for an opportunity to talk in non-superficial ways about various topics that need dialogue and better understanding of historical, cultural, and structural inequalities in the society. We encourage individuals representing different and all social identities to attend and to learn from each other. As an educational approach, an important aspect of intergroup discussion is learning to listen, to ask questions of others, and to commit to understanding the perspectives of others, even if not agreeing. It is also important to remember that this venue is not a debate in which people try to convince each other so that one side “wins.” Students (and all of us) have to learn how to communication that facilitates understanding rather than debate!

The overall goals of intergroup discussion series are:To develop a meaningful communication -- deep listening, suspending judgments, identifying assumptions, reflecting, and inquiring—in a diverse society;

  • To reflect upon and learn about self and others as members of a social group(s) in the
      context of systems of privilege and inequality;
  • To explore the similarities and differences in experiences within and across social group
  • To gain knowledge and understand the impact of different position of power and its relations;
  • To develop skills to work with differences, disagreements, and conflicts as opportunities for
      deeper understanding;
  • To identify and plan individual and collective actions that contributes toward more inclusive
    and just communities.

SPRING 2014 Schedule

January 22 "Reactions to Multiracial Families in America"

How are interracial or multiracial families perceived in the USA today? Last year, a Cheerios commercial caused a lot of dialogue around multiracial couples and families.
January 29

 "Islamic Culture and Religious Identity"

Joining the discussion will be a special guest from the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo who will be available to answer questions about Islamic culture. We will also discuss aspects of religious identity and how religious affiliation affects us as college students in the USA.

Special Location: 314 Bowen-Thompson Student Union

February 5"The New Black Movement: Race and Student Protests in the 21st Century"
February 12World Religions - Buddhism
February 19No discussion series event - MOSAIC Series event and night of film showing "The New Black"
February 26"The International Student Experience"
March 5Examining Cultural Norms for "Girl Culture" and Femininity
March 12thSpring Break - No Classes
March 19Civic Engagement Related to the Civil Rights Movement
March 26Leading to Leave Your Legacy
April 2TBA
April 9TBA
April 16American Consumption of Japanese Popular Culture
April 23TBA
April 30TBA


If you have any questions about the Discussion Series, please contact:

Krishna Han, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Christopher (CJ) Klein
Graduate Assistant, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Math Science Building, 318-B
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Tel: 419-372-2642
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