Office of Multicultural Affairs

When I first thought about who I am, it's sad to say I was a little unsure of what to write. So the easiest and most outwardly obvious aspect to begin with is that I am a white female. I came from a seemingly normal middle-class suburban family in northwest Ohio. However, as I began to mature into the woman that I am today, who I am became much more defined and clear. About a year ago my parents went through a very messy divorce and I lost all contact with my father. Also, despite having gone to an all-girls Catholic high school and practicing Catholicism, I found myself to grow into an agnostic. Another part of my life that defines who I am are the relationships in it.  I am in a serious relationship with my now live-in boyfriend who is Puerto Rican. My best friend, who recently came out as a lesbian, is my closest companion. So despite my initial belief that I am just a white female in the midwest, I realize that I’m not “just” anything. When I look deeper I can see how different I really am. I am glad for all of the events and people who've came into my life and made me who I am. I am changing everyday and am just beginning my journey in life. At the end of the day- I am me.