Office of Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Events

Over the course of the academic year, the Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates and sponsors a wide variety of events. In addition, OMA partners with the different student organizations and departments to co-sponsor different events and activities.

For information about current programs and events, please click on the "Calendar of Events" link to your left. For additional information, please email or call us at 419-372-2642.

The following is a listing of the OMA Events:

BG Stars Multicultural Talent Showcase
The BG Stars Multicultural Talent Showcase is held during Welcome Week. All students are invited to showcase their special talent by performing in a non-competitive talent show. Auditions are held one week prior to the show.
Big Gay Picnic:
“Big Gay Picnic” is a fun and energetic community program hosted during BGSU’s Welcome Week. The program, held in BTSU’s ballroom, highlights facets of LGBT social culture through drag king and queen performances and through showcasing the talents of members of BGSU’s underrepresented communities. In the past this has included spoken word artists and university dance teams. Big Gay picnic features acts mostly student acts and is hosted by a student leader in the LGBT community.
Black Issues Conference
The Black Issues Conference was established in 1999 to serve as a catalyst in the educational process of the BGSU campus and community. The conference provides an opportunity to learn about and address key issues that affect the African-American/Black community. Through a diverse offering of workshops, programs and panel presentations we hope the that the learning opportunities provided will foster dialogue, discussion and activism amongst the conference participants.  Each year the BIC has attracted participants from throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.
Black History Month School Assembly
The Office Of Multicultural Affairs celebrates Black History Month with Bowling Green High School and Middle Schools. These students, along with BGSU students and Multicultural Affairs staff, work together to create a program for the entire student body of both schools. The program showcases important events and contributions by African Americans and features presentations and performances by BGHS, BGMS and BGSU students.
Champions Programs  
The Champions Program recognizes students of color, members of under-represented groups and the LGBT community, who have achieved academic excellence (3.0 or above) from the previous semester. A recognition event is held in the Fall and Spring semesters.
Cinco de Mayo  
The Cinco de Mayo program bring together the BGSU and local community to celebrate the anniversary of the Historic Battle of Puebla in which Mexicans defeated the French Army in 1862. The celebration consists of local Mexican foods, dances and entertainment.
Cultural Trip
The Culture Trip is an opportunity for international students and students of color to explore U.S. culture by visiting a major city for a cultural/sporting event. This trip is designed to coincide with Spring Break whenever appropriate. Previous trips have been to Cleveland and have included attending a Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball game.
From Gay to Ze:
“From Gay to Ze” serves as a program for new and incoming students to learn about BGSU’s LGBT culture through meeting with queer and ally campus leaders. The program has a secondary focus on educating interested students in how they can become involved with queer student organizations and with support groups hosted through the resource center. Lastly, the initiative allows new and returning students to begin establishing a campus climate inclusive of sexual and gender minorities.
Kwanzaa Celebration
Kwanzaa is a week-long holiday honoring African culture and traditions. The holiday falls between December 26 and January 1 each year and was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga. Dr. Karenga's goal was to establish a holiday that would facilitate African-American goals of building a strong family, learning about African-American history, and developing unity. OMA celebrates Kwanzaa in early December with a festival style event that includes music, dancing, poetry and story telling.

Latino Issues Conference:
In 1995, the first Latino Issues Conference (LIC) was held as an opportunity to dialogue about the future growth and needs of the Hispanic/Latino community in an “inclusive discourse for the 21st century”. Since the first conference, the LIC has continued to remain true to this legacy of providing an opportunity to dialogue about the needs within the Hispanic/Latino community.

The primary mission and focus of the conference is to explore, identify and research those issues impacting/pertaining to the needs of the Hispanic/Latino community. This exploration takes place with an intentional engagement of the university and local Hispanic/Latino community, as well as those from the outside in order to raise awareness. The conference serves as an important educational tool within the broader BGSU community.

Lavender Graduation:
“Lav Grad,” as we call it, is the recognition ceremony that honors LGBTA students who are graduating seniors. The program provides a space for LGBTA identifying graduates to celebrate their time at BGSU and recognize members within their community who have made their experience memorable. The LGBT resource center utilizes Lav Grad to recognize allies and students with “Friends of the Resource Center Awards” and celebrate the achievements of the past year.
Mosaic Series
The Monthly Mosaic Series is designed with intention to foster greater interconnections and communications by highlighting and celebrating experiences and events that have built and sustained our BGSU campus community. The Mosaic Series will focus on raising awareness and building knowledge about wide range of diversity and experiences through different formats and platforms ranging from presentations to panel discussions.
Multicultural Cookout
This event is open to all Office of Multicultural Affairs, TRIO, and SMART participants. Learn more about the programs and services of each of these offices, meet other students, and have great fun! Sponsored by Office of Multicultural Affairs, TRIO, and SMART Programs.
National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)  – Prejudice Reduction Workshops
The NCBI is a workshop model designed to help reduce prejudice and intergroup conflicts in community and society at large through activities and processes that provoke critical thought and reflection on oppression in the society. The NCBI workshop allows individuals to learn and develop bridge building. Under the motto “Every Issue Counts” it implies that no type of oppression (Racism, sexism, classism, etc.) takes priority over another. Also the NCBI focuses on reaching to the heart, and sharing stories of discrimination and mistreatment without shaming or blaming, yet looking at ways we can be an ally for one another.
Right to Marry Day:
“Right to Marry Day” is traditionally hosted around Valentine’s Day. The program is designed to increase awareness of relationships that fall outside a heteronormative framework. As such, the day often focuses on the gains LGBT organizations have made around marriage equality while also calling attention the unique social location of nonmonosexuals. The central tenet of Right to Marry Day is that love and relations cannot and should not be policed as only looking one way.
What Next!:
“What Next!” is the newest program in the resource center focusing on how LGBT students transition from life at BGSU to life back home in their local communities outside the university space.  The program offers tips and suggestions on how to cope with sometimes homophobic environments, particularly when it’s at home. What Next also talks about potential summer internships and offers strategies to staying safe and sane over the summer months.