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Placement tests for writing and mathematics are online tests that are required before you may register for classes. These tests match your abilities with the level of content in the courses at BGSU.

Placement tests must be taken online prior to attending your scheduled New Student Orientation session. Complete both placement tests within two weeks of receiving your invitation for New Student Orientation, or as soon as possible, in order for scores to be processed and sent to your academic advisor before your scheduled visit.

With these test scores, your high school grades and SAT or ACT scores, your advisor will help you determine which courses you select for fall semester. When you leave New Student Orientation you will know your complete schedule of courses for the Fall 2011 semester.

Who must take placement tests online?

Writing Placement Test
: This is required of all entering first year students except those who know they have scored 3 or above on the Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition Test or the English Literature and Composition Test. 

Mathematics Placement Test: All students are required to take this test. The test assesses math abilities at progressive levels of difficulty. 

To complete the mathematics and writing placement test:

  • Log on to .  If you do not have a home computer with an Internet connection, access is available at most schools and public libraries.
  • Enter your BGSU username and password; click the login button to enter the Web portal
  • Click on Blackboard near the top of the page.
  • Click on the "Community" tab.
  • Click on "Placement Tests".
  • Click on the "Math Placement Test Application" or "Writing Placement Test Application", depending on which test(s) you need to complete.  At the entry pages you can obtain instructions and additional information about each test, and proceed to complete the tests.
  • Once you have successfully submitted each test, you will receive an email sent to your BGSU email account notifying you that BGSU has received your test.  You will learn the results of your tests when you meet with your advisor at New Student Orientation.

Important Test Information

Mathematics Placement Test

  • You may access the math test three times. Each time you enter and view the test content, it is counted as a test attempt.
  • There are practice tests on the test Web site. Practicing with these tests is recommended.
  • You are allowed 60 minutes for the mathematics test. Calculators are NOT permitted .
  • You will be asked to select one of the three tests that is most appropriate for your skill level. The test consists of 35 multiple-choice questions. If you find that the test you have taken is either too easy or too difficult, you may wish to come back later and take a different test.
  • If you take the test more than once, only the highest score earned is recorded.

Writing Placement Test

  • Once at the placement test site, you will be directed to print out and read three documents: general information about the composition program at BGSU, directions for taking the placement test, and a short essay of general interest to college students.
  • You will be given a choice of three possible writing prompts related to the essay you were asked to read. Read each prompt carefully and then choose ONE you wish to write on.
  • While you are expected to spend no more than two hours writing an essay of no more than 800 words in response to the prompt you selected, you will actually have a 24-hour window within which to submit your essay. The 24-hour period will begin when you first access the site and will end 24 hours later; you may access the site an unlimited number of times within that 24-hour period, and you may submit your essay at any point within that 24-hour period. However, you may submit only one essay.
  • You are encouraged to write your essay using your own word processing software (such as Word or WordPerfect), and must cut and paste your essay into the writing placement text box to submit your essay.
  • When your 24-hour window for submitting your essay has ended, your access to the site will end, so be sure to complete and submit your essay within that 24-hour period.

Is assistance with the tests permitted? 
Do not obtain any form of assistance while taking either placement test. This includes consulting with a teacher, parent or friend regarding content of the tests or for proofreading or editing your written essay. It is imperative that you honor this important part of the testing guidelines. It is to your disadvantage to receive a score higher than your actual abilities. A score that is too high would place you in a course beyond your capabilities with a limited probability of success.

What if I have technical problems while taking the test? 
If you have computer-related questions, please contact or the Technology Support Center at (419)372-0999.

Technical/computer-related questions might include the following situations :

  • You are not able to enter or locate the test site.
  • Your password is not functioning.
  • Your computer system crashes during the test.
  • Test pages are not loading correctly, or parts of the directions are not visible.
  • You do not receive a confirmation email to your BGSU email account within two days after submitting a test.

The Placement Helpline will not be able to assist you with questions regarding the content of the placement tests. Be sure to read the directions for each test carefully.

Computer requirements for completing the online tests include a minimum Web browser of Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 7. If you have disabled the cookies on your computer, you will need to refer to the “Computer Requirements” link on the community entrance page for further information. If you need additional assistance regarding your computer settings, contact the Technology Support Center at (419)372-0999.

Why am I required to take placement tests online, as soon as possible, or no later than two weeks before my scheduled Orientation date?

  • Relaxed setting. When you are relaxed in the testing environment, such as your own home or another familiar location, your performance may be enhanced.
  • Convenience. You can take the online placement tests at any time of day.
  • Skills. You can take the test while skills from high school are still fresh in your mind.
  • Decreased fatigue. Often after a long drive to campus, fatigue may affect test performance.
  • Increased opportunities. With tests completed before you arrive, you can focus on learning more about BGSU as well as meeting other new students, faculty and staff.

Take your placement tests early!