Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy

The Second Year


The focus of the second year is on career and skill development. Scholars will be exposed to a variety of activities and programs designed to hone skills that are pertinent to their success as leaders. Scholars will also explore their career choices and prepare for internships and co-ops. The curriculum encourages students to refine academic, leadership, and professional skills--including oral and written communication-- to become active participants in student organizations and to prepare to be effective teachers as well as learners. The goals of the second year curriculum are to:

  • Refine academic, leadership, and professional skills
  • Refine oral and written communication skills
  • Become active participants in student organizations
  • Prepare scholars to be effective leadership teachers as well as learners
  • Develop relationships between scholars and potential internship/co-op sites


  • Cohort meetings – understanding your audience, group dynamics, enhancing academic skills, leadership inventories, writing a resume, reflection and assessment
  • Community service
  • Exploration of leadership development texts


  • Demonstrate ability to link the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership development
  • Demonstrate involvement in at least one student organization
  • Demonstrate knowledge of potential career paths
  • Articulate personal leadership style and philosophy of leadership

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