Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy

The Third Year


The third year continues the focus on career development while also advancing a focus on service to others. Additionally, scholars at this level begin to teach basic leadership development to others, gain advanced leadership training, and begin preparation for their final year in the PLA. Goals for the third year scholar are:

  • Share leadership knowledge with others in a structured environment
  • Become a leader in a student organization(s)
  • Articulate major points of various leadership theories
  • Participate in an internship, co-op, or alternative education program, such as Study Abroad


  • Participation in PLA Pals program (as mentors)
  • Cohort meetings – conflict resolution, ethics and integrity, communication, motivation, retreat preparation and planning, reflection and assessment
  • Professional preparation programs
  • Participation in a co-op or internship


  • Demonstrate ability to assess data
  • Demonstrate ability to lead or facilitate a group to achieve its goals
  • Assess gains in written and oral communication
  • Articulate and demonstrate major aspects of leadership development

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