Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy

The Fourth Year


The focus of the fourth year is dedicated to scholars assuming greater responsibility for their learning while preparing for their post-college experiences. A capstone presentation punctuates the end of the fourth year. Additionally, students plan the annual retreat and devise their own community service project. Goals for fourth year scholars are:

  • Develop a plan for post-graduation
  • Continue leadership in a student organization(s) while mentoring new leaders
  • Provide closure to the PLA experience
  • Develop and implement projects
  • Articulate the value of faculty/scholar interaction


  • Cohort meetings – transitional issues, reflection and assessment
  • Planning and executing group community service project
  • Planning and executing annual retreat
  • Planning and executing the senior colloquium


  • Develop a plan for postgraduate experience
  • Demonstrate ability to link knowledge with values
  • Demonstrate ability to link academic and life experiences
  • Articulate tenets of various leadership theories
  • Discuss a significant relationship with a faculty and a staff member

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