Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy

PLA Pals

PLA Pals is a mentoring program designed to assist new members with acclimating to the greater PLA and ultimately to the campus at-large. Each new member is paired with a veteran scholar. The PLA veterans will serve as “big brothers” and “big sisters,” assisting their Pals with navigating through the first year at BGSU. The expectation is new scholars will connect to someone relatively close to their age on campus and returning members will help to ensure progress is being made in the appropriate direction.

The Pals meet face to face at least twice a month. Though some activities may be arranged by the Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy office, most are determined by the pairings themselves. Activities may be as simple as eating dinner together one night or as complex as spending the weekend with one another's families. Small group outings, such as bowling or going to the movies, may also be arranged by pairs or groups of Pals.

Pal pairing is determined and participation is monitored by the PLA Office.