Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy

The Honors and Accomplishments

The PLA has four awards to recognize the outstanding contributions by scholars within the program:

The Cohort Award

One scholar from each cohort is selected by his or her peers to receive this award for ambassadorship inside and outside the PLA. The recipient is recognized for placing needs of others above his or her own wishes in order to benefit the cohort and/or the PLA, demonstrating formal and informal leadership within the cohort, and maintaining involvement external to the PLA.

The Outstanding Student Leader Award

Up to two scholars, junior or senior, are selected by a committee to receive this award. The recipient is recognized for service within the PLA, evidence of leadership and community service in co-curricular activities, involvement in multiple organizations outside of the PLA, and contributing to the Bowling Green, BGSU, and/or other communities. This award will take into account the other honors and recognition the candidate has received.

The Robert and Ellen Thompson Servant Leadership Award

Presented to a freshman, sophomore, or junior scholar who has modeled the high ideals set for PLA scholars. The recipient is recognized for his or her encouragement and passion for leadership as it relates to individual involvement activities (student organizations, campus projects and programs, leadership development, etc.), service to the PLA, and most importantly, of his or her commitment to servant leadership as demonstrated in individual service activities (on/off campus community service, campus projects, mentoring programs, volunteerism, etc.)

PLA Alumni Society Book Scholarship

In 2012 PLA alumni created a book scholarship to help maintain a current scholar as an example of their commitment to the program.  Funded through alumni donations raised through the PLA Alumni Society, the book scholarship is presented to a freshmen, sophomore, or junior who has demonstrated significant service to the PLA.

List of Award Recipients

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