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General Policies

2014 Spring Break and Summer Kids Camp Parking (Daily Drop-Off and Pick-Up)
The BGSU Recreation and Wellness Kids Camp home base is located at the Perry Field House Front Lobby. A camp counselor is stationed in the lobby to receive or release campers and obtain parent/guardian signatures.

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Campers are to be dropped off and picked up by authorized adult(s).  Daily sign-in and sign-out procedures are in place. All camps begin and end at the Perry Field House Lobby. *An additional fee of $15 per day is assessed for campers not picked up by the designated time.

  • Spring Break: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (before and after care not offered)
  • Summer: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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Absences/Tardiness/Early Pick-Ups

Camp staff must receive a written notice in advance from the parent/guardian of the intent to arrive late or leave early. This courtesy allows staff to best plan a camper’s day and activities. Based on arrival time or departure time, drop-off or pick-up at an alternate location may be necessary. For last-minute or emergency schedule changes, call the Perry Field House Welcome Desk at 419.372.9900.


Morning and mid-afternoon snacks are provided by Recreation and Wellness. Water is available to every participant throughout activities. Children with special dietary needs provide their own snacks. Participants must bring daily, well-balanced lunches. Refrigeration space is limited and microwaves are not available.


Campers are encouraged to shower briefly after swimming to rinse off pool water that contains contamination chemicals required by the Ohio Swimming Pool Code.  Thorough home showers/baths are recommended, along with the use of lotion to protect skin from the dryness and irritation associated with daily swimming.


All camper special requests must be documented in writing by a parent and must be submitted to the Camp Director.

Administration of Medications

In order to administer prescription medication, nonprescription medication which requires physician or dentist instructions, any other nonprescription medications, or nonprescription topical ointments, creams, or lotions,  the parent/guardian must fill out the Medication Administration Form. The Medication Administration Form includes the following information:

  • The child’s name
  • The date of the instructions
  • The name of the medication
  • The amount of the dosage
  • The time the medication shall be administered

The Medication Administration Form is valid for no longer than six months. The form shall be maintained on file at the camp for a period of one year and shall be available for review by ODJFS. Nonprescription and prescription medication shall be in the original container with the original label attached and labeled with the child’s name. Medication shall be kept in a safe location and shall be inaccessible to children. A medication requiring refrigeration shall be refrigerated and safely stored, separate from food items, immediately upon arrival at the camp.

Accommodations for Disabilities

BGSU Kids Camp staff is dedicated to giving each camper a summer to remember. Reasonable accommodations are made for children with disabilities. Every effort within the training and means of Recreation and Wellness is made to assist campers with special needs. If your camper has a documented learning, medical, or emotional disability, please contact the Camp Director at 419.372.7482 three weeks prior to camp to discuss your camper's needs. Dependent on the information provided, an assessment and determination is made if camp staff is able to provide adequate coverage/care. Inadequate notice of a disability may result in the child being ineligible to attend camp. BGSU Kids Camp does not provide personal medical assistants, care attendants or aides of any other type. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to attend camp with their child.

Behavior and Discipline

General Expectations

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Respect people and property
  • Exhibit friendly, helpful, and kind actions
  • Listen and follow directions


Kids Camp staff adhere to the following guidelines and procedures with campers in the event of poor behavior choices and rule violations.

STEP 1: Verbal Warning – The camper is cued to inappropriate behavior, given methods to correct the behavior, and given a clear consequence should she/he choose not to modify the behavior. Counselors complete the discipline log.

STEP 2: Time Out – The camper is removed from the activity for duration (minutes) not to exceed the child’s age. At the end of the time out, the child is cued to the inappropriate behavior, given methods to correct the behavior, and given a clear consequence for choosing not to modify the behavior. Counselors complete the discipline log.

STEP 3: Meeting with Camp Director/Phone call to Parent/Guardian – The camper is removed from the activity and escorted to the Kids Camp home base.  The Camp Director or Head Counselor contacts parents/guardians and completes an incident report.  The incident report contains a brief description of what occurred, action taken, and notes consequences of continued misbehavior.

STEP 4: Suspension/Expulsion – Parents/guardians are required to pick up their child in the event of a day/week suspension resulting from poor choices and continued misbehavior. No refund is given for children violating the rules to the point of suspension (repeated daily/weekly offenders) or expulsion from camp.

Kids Camp reserves the right to skip any of the above steps should an offense be a major violation threatening the safety and well-being of other campers or staff.

Licensing Agencies

Wood County Department of Health:  419.352.8402
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services: 1.877.852.0010

All Kids Camps are administered by Recreation and Wellness professionals and BGSU students and graduate students. Camp staff maintain CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications and also pass a mandatory background screening prior to employment.

Contact Us

Phone: 419.372.7482
Fax: 419.372.8044