Department of Recreation and Wellness

Perry Field House - Policies

Decoration Policies
Food/Drink Vendors and Merchandise Policies

General Rules

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1. Parking is available in Lot 18.

2. Participation in any area of the PFH is at the user’s own risk.

3. All individuals entering the PFH for usage must be members of Recreation and Wellness, approved guests or rental groups.

Appropriate photo I.D.’s for students/members must be shown during most usage periods. No animals are permitted in the facility except for licensed guide/medical dogs, etc.

4. Participants who are 7 years of age and younger are allowed in the PFH only during private rentals, or when usage is low enough to safely allow them to participate without posing a danger to themselves or others. In these cases, they must be under constant and direct supervision by an adult at all times.

5. Food/beverage items purchased in or brought into the facility must be consumed within the front lobby area. Water is permitted anywhere, but only in plastic transparent containers with secure tops. Gum, sunflower seeds, and candy are considered food and are difficult to remove from sport surfaces and equipment. Individuals discovered eating food or drinking unapproved beverages other than in the lobby will be asked to remove/dispose of the food/drink immediately. If this request is not complied with, the individual(s) is subject to removal from the building

6. Smoking, use of smokeless tobacco and/or alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the PFH.

7. Shoes must be worn in the facility. It is highly recommended that PFH users bring a second pair of shoes to be worn when participating in an activity. Only non-marking soled athletic shoes are permitted during activity on playing surfaces. Use of spikes is not permitted in the Track Room during most activities. It is strongly recommended that flat-soled shoes be worn in the Turf Room to prevent injury. Wearing cleats or turf shoes may increase the risk of injury to individuals wearing such equipment. Use of metal-cleated shoes is not permitted in the Turf Room. Rollerblades, skateboards, etc., may not be used in the facility.

8. Individuals attempting to enter the PFH with muddy shoes will not be admitted. If an individual is found to have muddy shoes while participating in an activity, he/she will be asked to discontinue activity and leave the area until another pair of shoes is secured. Cleaning muddy shoes in the facility is prohibited.

9. Bicycles must only be locked in the bicycle racks provided. Bicycles found locked to benches, trees, light poles, etc., may be secured with a PFH lock. Subsequently, the bicycle owner is likely charged a $5 administrative fee to get the bicycle unlocked.

10. Signs/banners are not permitted anywhere in the PFH without staff approval.

11. Use of personal televisions, stereos, and radio systems by patrons is prohibited (except when used with headphones), unless approval is granted by the professional staff.

12. Use of recording devices (still cameras, video cameras, etc.) requires approval of the PFH Student Manager. If participants do not object to being photographed, the Manager can use their judgment in allowing the use of cameras (no advance notice necessary).

13. Use of abusive and/or profane language is offensive. The PFH staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to the facility, or instruct individuals to leave the facility for such behavior.

14. A limited number of lockers are available in the PFH locker rooms. PFH users must bring their own locks and towels. All lockers must be cleared daily. A $5 fine is charged for removal of a lock and/or personal belongings from a locker used overnight. Recreation and Wellness does not reimburse or replace cut locks. There is no storage of personal belongings at the Information Desk - this includes water bottles.

15. The PFH and the University cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not bring valuables into the PFH. In case of loss of personal belongings, an Incident Report Form may be filed at the Front Desk or PFH Office and reported to Campus Security.

16. All PFH facilities and equipment are to be used for their intended purpose. Modification of equipment and/or facilities is prohibited without staff approval. Some equipment (Track/Field, tennis, baseball, etc.) is not accessible for users unless contracted permission is given. No helium balloons, confetti, glitter, “icicles” or similar materials may be used in the facility without professional staff approval.

17. Participants are encouraged to wear appropriate sports attire such as t-shirts, warm-up suits, tennis clothing, or gym attire. Street clothing can be dangerous and confining when exercising. It is strongly recommended that arms and legs be covered while using the Turf Room since skin contact with the Astroturf can cause serious abrasions.

18. For all activities, joint or body braces/casts with exposed hard surfaces must be sufficiently covered with a soft material to help protect users and the facility.

19. Spitting is not allowed, except in appropriate receptacles located throughout the building.

20. To reduce the risk of injury to users, stretching exercises involving the portable bleachers are not permitted. Please try to avoid shoe scuff marks on walls/support posts.

21. In the Track Room, for safety reasons, players may not warm up with balls or other equipment on the track surface or area, when in use by others. Players must wait for an available court instead.

22. Balls and other objects may not be batted, thrown, hit or kicked against or at walls, doors, windows, lights, etc. at any time.

23. Balls and other equipment are not to be batted, punted, kicked, or thrown improperly in the vicinity of others, or especially near the activity area ceilings. Field goal kicking must be directed toward the Turf Room center divider net’s marked target area. No balls may be punted (except into an appropriate net), due to potential damage to light fixtures or skylights. Batting practice cannot be held outside of the batting cages unless special balls are used and PFH approval is given. Users can be held accountable for replacement and repair fees.

24. “Dunking” basketballs, slapping backboards or hanging on rims or nets is not permitted. Serious or repeat offenders may be asked to leave the facility and face suspension of building privileges.

25. Claiming a court or field: this applies during times when the particular room is open and not scheduled for an activity. A “first-come, first-serve” policy is enforced.

Violators of the above policies and procedures (as well as general rules of appropriate behavior) may be warned; however, a serious offense or repeat offenses will be cause for immediate removal.

Policy violations, malicious use or defacing the PFH property, solicitation, verbal abuse of employees or violation of other University policies will be investigated by the staff per procedures established by the University Student Code of Conduct. Sanctions, such as removal from the PFH, revocation of privileges or referral to the Office of Judicial Affairs may be imposed. Users (students, faculty, staff, community, etc.) may also be prosecuted and/or privileges revoked.

Programming General Refund Policy

1. The standard refund processing fee is $25.00 and generally requires a two week time frame.

2. Certain programs or services may have different fees at the discretion of the area director.

3. If a refund is granted and occurs after patron has begun usage, the refund is prorated. 

4. Refunds are given due to injuries or illnesses. A medical excuse may be required.

5. Refunds are given if a patron has moved from the area, documentation may be necessary.

6. If Recreation and Wellness cancels a program or course, a refund is given.

7. For refunds regarding apparel and merchandise, a receipt must be presented with the request within 30 days of the purchase. All manufacturers’ policies are honored. These are not subject to refund processing fees.

8. During inclement weather, refunds are only given if the weather is considered Level 2 or 3. No refund for Level 1 conditions.