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Falcon Fitness - Personal Training

The Personal Training program focuses on one-on-one training utilizing resistance and cardiovascular components. The client goals and physical fitness level help trainers establish a sound exercise program. Trainers hold nationally recognized personal training certifications.

February Partner Personal Training Special

Partners may purchase 3 personal training sessions for just $75!

Package includes a free 1/2 hour consultation and 3, one-hour training sessions. Pair with a friend, roommate, or family member and get in shape together before Spring Break! Offer valid through February 28. Purchase sessions today at the Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk.


Everyone needs a little help with exercise sometimes whether they are just starting out or they have been at it for a long time. Below are just a few good reasons why a personal trainer is right for you!

  • Improve Overall Fitness
    Past personal training clients confirmed they gained strength, lost weight and inches, increased their cardiovascular endurance, have more energy and reduced stress!
  • Stop Wasting Time
    Get results with a program designed specifically for you.
  • Motivation
    A trainer can provide structure, direction and accountability. Plus, 100% of survey respondents said BGSU Personal Trainers made workouts both fun and enjoyable.
  • Exercise Safely & Effectively
    Learn correct ways to use equipment, appropriate form and technique for cardiovascular activities, strength training and flexibility.

Personal Training Regular Packages

Individual PTStudent/SRC MemberBGSU Employee/RetireeSRC Non-Member
3 Sessions$60$75$90
6 Sessions$114$144$174
12 Sessions$216$276$336
1 Consultation/Fitness Assessment$20$25$30
Each personal training package includes a free half hour consult and fitness assessment. All training sessions are one hour in length.
Group Training Options
Group PTStudent/SRC MemberBGSU Employee/RetireeSRC Non-Member
3 Sessions$40 per person$55 per person$70 per person
6 Sessions$75 per person$105 per person$135 per person
12 Sessions$125 per person$185 per person$245 per person
Consists of 2 or 3 individuals per session. Package includes a free half hour consult with the group. All training sessions are one hour in length.
Schedule an appointment at the Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk or call 419.372.2000. Sessions valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

Getting Started

  • Call or visit the Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk.
  • Complete a Trainer Request Form and submit payment (cash, credit, or check).
  • After paperwork is reviewed by the Fitness Student Supervisor, clients are assigned to a compatible trainer.
  • Registered clients receive contact from the trainer to schedule sessions.

What to Expect

  • Consult/Fitness Assessment
    This is a time to discuss any questions the trainer or client may have and establish physical fitness goals. The assessment includes a body composition analysis and tests to measure strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. The assessment establishes a point from which progress can be measured.
  • Typical Session
    After the consult and fitness assessment, the personal trainer designs a program based on client goals and physical fitness level. Each session is one hour in length. The trainer demonstrates how to properly execute exercises, evaluates progress and adjusts the exercise routine as needed to reach fitness goals.
  • Session May Include
    • Equipment orientation and physical fitness assessment focusing on form, alignment, and speed of movement.  Also includes a strength assessment.
    • Cardiovascular workout consisting of an interval training workout with polar heart rate monitoring and RPE report on client’s choice of three modes of cardiovascular exercise.  Education on the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and the importance of crossing training are offered. 
    • Corrective exercise workouts are developed for individuals.  Exercises are demonstrated on a variety of exercise equipment including stability balls, resistance bands and free weights.
    • Further training sessions can be scheduled after the initial visit to reassess goals.


  • Medical Clearance
    Clients are assigned a trainer after all paperwork has been evaluated. If necessary, Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to request a Physician's Clearance Form.
  • Late Policy
    All clients are urged to arrive to their session on time. Sessions that begin late end one hour after the scheduled start time. Clients who arrive 30 minutes or more late forfeit the entire session and do not receive a refund.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Clients needing to cancel or reschedule an appointment must do so at least 24 hours prior to the start of their appointment by phone to their respective trainer. Failure to notify the trainer results in a forfeit of the session without a refund.
  • Package Expiration
    All packages expire one year after purchase date and are non-refundable/non-transferable.
  • Refunds are not issued for Personal Training Packages except for a medical reason, in which case a physician statement may be required.


Katie & Kaity's Story
Certified trainer Katie Smith states, “Kaity immediately came to mind when thinking about submitting a client success story! Kaity and I have been working together since November 2012. Since then, Kaity has made amazing progress in her all-around fitness. Her cardiovascular endurance has increased (she recently ran a 5k distance for the first time), and she has been making awesome strength gains! She is now able to do ground rows and suspended pushups on the TRX, not an easy feat. Every time I see Kaity, she has a smile on her face and is ready to go; she gives 110% during all of our sessions. Watching her progress and growing interest in fitness has been so fulfilling, and I can’t wait to see where the weeks before her graduation in May will lead us. Keep up the amazing work, Kaity!"

Kaity states, “I started training with Katie Smith, one of the personal trainers at the Student Rec Center, about 3 months ago—and let me just say that was the best personal decision I have made since starting grad school! Personal training has completely changed my lifestyle 360 degrees and I couldn’t be happier with the sessions and my results. My trainer is supportive, but willing to push me to the next level, and she has helped fit exercise into my schedule. Training sessions with Katie are the highlight of my week; she caters the sessions to my needs and interests, and she always mixes it up so I don’t get bored with the routine. If you’re that person who wants to go to the gym but doesn’t quite know what to do to see results, or you only know a few exercises and get bored with them, then personal training is for you! You’re sure to have some laughs, learn some new moves, and reach your goals all at the same time. The only caveat is you have to be willing to put in the work—be sure to use your trainer as a resource and continue to exercise between training sessions to ensure results. Then, you and your trainer can rejoice together when the number on the scale goes down. Since I have been working out with Katie, I have seen the results—I am down one pant size, have decreased in body fat, and have increased in muscle. And the best part is that I now have the tools and confidence to continue exercising on my own after graduation. So, what are you waiting for? Get personal training!”


Kristin & Demetria's Story
Trainer Kristin Baumgardner is very excited to shine the spotlight on her client Demetria. Kristen states, “Demetria is a very hard working and motivated individual. I continually see her give her best effort each and every session, and it has paid off! She has made tremendous strides towards achieving her goals, and I could not be more proud of her!”

Demetria also recognizes the progress she has made and says, “Working out with Kristin has helped me to learn how to enjoy working out. She motivates me and pushes me to do more than what I think I can. Since starting my PT sessions I have began participating in the Group X and they are fantastic classes. I have lost weight, gained tons of energy, and now my husband has begun working out with me. This lifestyle change has been one of the best things I have done.”

For any questions or more information contact Karyn Smith at