Department of Recreation and Wellness

Forrest Creason Golf Course - Hole-in-One's

Congratulations to the following golfers who hit a hole-in-one at the Forrest Creason Golf Course!
If you have an accomplishment that has not been recognized, please contact Kurt Thomas.

Erik Nagel

  • Neith Smith
  • Bob Lee
  • Mike Tilley
  • Jeri Dingman
  • Chris Baker
  • Erik Nagel
  • Jeff "Shaky" Sawyer
  • Paula Kiehl
  • Jim Treeger


Interesting Hole-in-One Averages
Age of Hole-in-One golfer:44.8 yrs.
Handicap of Hole-in-One golfer:13.8
Number of years playing golf:17.2 yrs.
Percent of Aces:M 84% F 16%
Day most Hole-in-One's occur:Friday
Day least Hole-in-One's occur:Sunday
Golf hole most frequently aced:Hole 9
Par for aced hole:3
Yardage of aced hole:150 yds.
Club most used in making an ace:7 Iron
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