Department of Recreation and Wellness

Outdoor Program - Spring 2014 Trips

Get outside, enjoy nature, expand outdoor skills and respect the environment. Adventure trips planned this year include hiking, backpacking, winter camping, snowshoeing, mountain biking, white water rafting, canoeing, skiing, and snow-boarding. Read about receiving college credit for Outdoor Program PEG classes on the Wire. To register for a trip, complete the Online Registration Form

BGSU Affiliates: Current Bowling Green State University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees
Community Members: Anyone over the age of 18 who is not affiliated with BGSU

Winter Waterfalls - Hocking Hills, OH

Date: January 25
Cost:  $30.00 BGSU Affiliates
            $35.00 Community Members

Take advantage of this amazing natural hidden treasure of Ohio, Hocking Hills. During the winter months this place is transformed into a wonderland filled with frozen waterfalls. Join the OP for a day filled with exploring the cliffs and falls of Hocking Hills, all in time to make it home to a warm bed. 

Lonestar Preserve Caving - Bonnieville, KY

Date: February 15 - 16
Cost:  $50.00 BGSU Affiliates
            $60.00 Community Members

With brisk temperatures outside, retreat with the Outdoor Program for a weekend of caving in the Lonestar Preserve. Go underground and find a mysterious world that stays a wonderful 55 degrees year round! 

Snowshoeing - Hoist Lakes, MI

Date: February 22 - 23
Cost: $50.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $60.00 Community Members

Tired of winters in northwest Ohio that resemble a barren brown patch of earth stuck in a wind tunnel of freezing gusts? If so, register for this weekend of snowshoeing in northern Michigan. The destination is sheltered amongst the beautiful white birch trees in a landscape coated white. Experience a classic winter landscape on this trip! 

Day Hike - Addison Oaks, MI

Date: February 22
Cost:  $30.00 BGSU Affiliates
            $40.00 Community Members

The first in a series of backcountry day trips provides BGSU students a break from the harsh winters of northwestern Ohio. Experience the trails and magnificent views courtesy of the "mitten" state. 

Weekend Backpacking - Knob Stone Trail, IN

Date: March 1 - 2 
Cost:  $65.00 BGSU Affiliates
            $75.00 Community Members

You adore and want to be outside? Outdoor Program staff thinks the way you do. As March rolls in, so begins the start to another wonderful season of backpacking. Lace up the boots and throw on the packs for a weekend adventure on the Knob Stone Trail in Indiana. 

Spring Break Caving - Scottsboro, AL

Date: March 8 - 15
Cost: $195.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $210.00 Community Members

Spend Spring Break discovering select Alabama caves with jaw-dropping formations (speleothems). Journey through a labyrinth of over 15 miles of caves and get down and dirty in this underground wonder land.

Spring Break Western US - St George, UT

Date: March 8-16
Cost: $450.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $480.00 Community Members

"The journey of a lifetime!" Spend a week in southwestern Utah experiencing life with nature. The days are filled with captivating climbs on 7 different types of stone, the mystical land of Zion National Park, canyons carved out by the power of water, and hikes with views that leave participants speechless. Fall asleep under the night skies with stars and constellations. 

Weekend Backpacking - Shawnee State Forest, OH

Date: March 22 - 23
Cost: $50.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $60.00 Community Members

Journey from the cornfields of northwest Ohio with the OP to southwestern Ohio to Shawnee State Park located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Spend the weekend backpacking on scenic trails and enjoy nights around a camp fire escaping the stresses and worries of school. 

Weekend Canoeing- Chain-O-Lakes, IN

Date: March 29 - 30
Cost: $50.00 Students/Members
           $60.00 Non-Members

Welcome to lake country, a canoeist's paradise. Nine connecting lakes provide the center of this adventure. Test skills on the water while spending a day floating with the Outdoor Program staff. 

Day Hike - Cuyahoga National Park, OH

Date: March 29
Cost: $30.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $40.00 Community Members

If taking leisurely hikes through picturesque areas, letting mother nature surprise you with her well renown beauty and enjoying time away from school describes you, this second back country day trip is for you. The Outdoor Program staff guide a day of hiking through diverse flora and fauna along with easy access. This destination has become a well traveled gem of the Ohio River Valley and is waiting for you to experience it too. 

Canoeing and Rappelling - Hocking Hills, OH

Date: April 5 - 6
Cost: $70.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $80.00 Community Members

A day of canoeing and a day of rappelling provide the best of both worlds. Enjoy Hocking Hills State Park's beautiful river and cliffs from every angle. A highlight of this weekend includes the experience and adventure of a 120-foot rappel. 

Lonestar Preserve Caving  - Bonnieville, KY

Date: April 12 - 13
Cost: $60.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $70.00 Community Members

Explore the world underground. See sights that most of your classmates may never experience. Underground rivers, stalactites, stalagmites, and creatures that live in total darkness can be found here. Get ready to get muddy and take some great pictures. 

Whitewater Rafting- Ohiopyle, PA

Date: April 12 
Cost: $80.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $90.00 Community Members

The OP is heading to Ohiopyle for a day of river running. This trips offers an intermediate level of rafting with instruction as part of the course. Those seeking aquatic fun and excitement, join us for an adrenaline rush you won't forget. 

Red River Gorge Climbing - Slade, KY

Date: April 26 - 27 and May 3 - 4
Cost: $65.00 BGSU Affiliates
           $75.00 Community Members

This world-class international climbing destination, sought after by both the world's most elite climbers and weekend warriors, provides the enjoyment of amazing climbing and aesthetic beauty, First-time and experienced climbers welcome. 

Weekend Canoeing and Camping - Lake Pymatuning, PA

Date: April 26 - 27
Cost:  $70.00 BGSU Affiliates
            $85.00 Community Members

With summer in the air, freedom is just a few finals away. Float around and enjoy the warm spring weather in the hills of Pennsylvania, and take in some much needed R&R before wrapping up the only thing that stands between you and summer: finals! 

Moonlit Canoeing - Findlay, OH

Date: April 30
Cost:  $10.00 BGSU Affiliates
            $15.00 Community Members

Paddle the Blanchard River on a beautiful Spring night. Canoe past wildlife, rapids, and rock formations under a waning April moon. This is your last chance for an outdoor adventure before finals! 

Weekend Camping Packages for BGSU Faculty, Students and Staff

Camping packages include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp stoves, cooking equipment, maps, campsite reservations and a canoeing trip. Weekend packages are limited and advance reservations are required!
*Payment is due at the time of rental booking. Refunds are not provided for inclement weather.

Couples Weekend Package

  • One room tent
  • Two sleeping bags
  • Two sleeping pads
  • Stove, cooler and pot set
  • Campsite reservation at Hocking Hills
  • 3 hour canoe trip for 2 down Hocking River
  • Planning directions and maps of local attractions
  • Cost: $125.00

Family Getaway Package

  • Two room tent
  • 4-6 sleeping bags
  • 4-6 sleeping pads
  • Stove, cooler, and pot set
  • Campsite reservation at Hocking Hills
  • 3 hour canoe trip for 4-6 down Hocking River
  • Planning directions and maps of local attractions
  • Cost: $250.00
Email with questions.