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Outdoor Program - Teambuilding

BGSU Teambuilding provided by the Outdoor Program offers sessions for sports teams, student organizations and corporations aspiring to build a productive and positive environment where members create beneficial relationships, develop effective communications, and ultimately have successful group experiences. Outdoor Program staff members design a custom team development session that specifically meets the needs of your team or organization.

Teambuilding can include customized outdoor adventures, portable initiatives, or use of campus facilities such as the Student Recreation Center Climbing Wall, pools or other recreational facilities. Teambuilding is great for departments, student organizations, Greek organizations, RAs, classes, sports teams and corporate clients.

Basic Guidelines

  • Any group size can be accommodated.
  • All groups complete a needs assessment form to facilitate better understanding.
  • Once the needs assessment is completed and reviewed, a phone or in-person conversation will be had to discuss the session.
  • Facilitators select activities to help your group reach desired outcomes based on the needs assessment and conversation.


All rates are based on program choices, group size, and equipment requirements. Depending on organizational investment, services can range from facilitation of a team meeting to leading an adventure expedition. Please contact us for pricing details specific to your organization's needs. After the assessment meeting is completed, an official proposal is submitted to your organization.
There are Special discounts for student groups, faculty and staff.

Please contact the Outdoor Program at for more information regarding scheduling and price structure.


Jerome Gabriel has been a team facilitator since 2003 including three years working in British Columbia, Canada near Vancouver. He has been a professional caving guide since 2003 and has worked with groups ranging from youth and school age to large corporations. His experience allows him to tie together leadership and team developmental topics with real world situations that help make the lesson more applicable. As the Director of the Outdoor Program, Jerome combines his desire to introduce new people to the outdoors and train those already interested to be future leaders in their respective fields.

Trained Outdoor Program staff assist in providing an engaging and rewarding experience for all groups.