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Sexual Assault Awareness: Resources

Bowling Green State University recognizes the seriousness of sexual offenses and commits itself to preventing such offenses. Students who report the occurrence of a sexual offense are treated with dignity, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.The University Policy on Violence outlines, in full, the University's commitment to a safe environment in which acts of violence are not tolerated.

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Reporting Sexual Assaults
Sexual assaults that occur on campus can be reported to the BGSU Police at 419-372-2346. Sexual assaults that occur off campus can be reported to Bowling Green City Police or the jurisdiction in which the assault took place. Even if the victim does not want to report the assault, many campus officials have a responsibility to anonymously report the crime. Anonymous reports do not contain the name of the victim and will not be followed by an investigation. Instead, only statistical information is forwarded to campus police for use in the University's annual report. 

Resources for Assistance

Academic Issues
Sexual assaults can also affect a victim's academic performance. Students may seek assistance with academic issues through the Office of the Dean of Students at 419-372-2843. The Office of the Dean of Students will work collaboratively with the student's college office.

The SAAFE Center has sexual assault advocates available 24/7 who are trained in providing emotional support, information/referrals, plus medical and legal information. Advocates can be contacted at any point in the aftermath of an assault to provide assistance. However, the sooner an advocate is called and able to provide information and services, the more options a victim may have. To contact an advocate, call The Link Hotline at 419-352-1545 and ask for a SAAFE advocate.

Alcohol and Other Substances
Often times, victims, knowingly or unknowingly, ingest alcohol and other substances prior to being sexually assaulted. In either case, a victim of sexual assault will not be penalized for underage consumption if an assault is reported to the police or the Office of the Dean of Students.

BGSU Student Conduct Program
If the perpetrator is a student, a victim may utilize the student conduct process, which is the University's system of accountability for students. This course of action is an option even if the victim is not a student and is not choosing to prosecute. The student conduct 
process can be initiated through the Office of the Dean of Students at 419-372-2843.

Counseling can be an integral part of recovery from a 
sexual assault. The referral sources listed below include on- and off-campus counseling and advocacy services, as well as the SAAFE Center available via The Link Hotline at 419-352-1545.

Housing Issues
When a sexual assault takes place in a residence hall, a victim may choose or need to relocate. This option can be made available through the Office of Residence Life at 419-372-2011.

Medical Care
Medical care is recommended after any sexual offense. At a minimum, such care allows for treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In addition, if the assault has taken place within the last 96 hours, an exam can be conducted (known as a rape kit exam) for the purpose of collecting evidence for prosecution. Students may seek medical care at the Student Health Service (SHS) during business hours or Wood County Hospital's Emergency Room 24 hours a day. If the student does not want a rape kit completed, the SHS, 419-372- 2271, can still treat for STIs and provide emergency contraception. Non-students can go to the Wood County Hospital's Emergency Room for a rape exam if the assault occurred within the last 96 hours. Non-students can also be seen at Planned Parenthood, 1-800-230-7526, or by a private physician for treatment of STIs and pregnancy. However, these providers are unable to conduct rape exams.

A victim has a choice about whether to prosecute or not. Even if a victim initially chooses not to prosecute, it can be helpful to report an assault so that prosecution can be pursued at a later date if the victim chooses to do so. This allows for timely evidence collection and early interviews with the victim and witnesses, and gives more credibility if prosecution is pursued at a later date.

Victim's Compensation
Sexual assault victims may be eligible for victim's compensation for costs incurred as a result of the crime. More information is available about such compensation through the SAAFE Center at 419-352-1545.


The University acknowledges the support services of following organizations:

Student Health Service
Phone: 419.372.2271

BGSU Police Department
Phone: 419.372.2346

Counseling Center
Phone: 419.372.2081

SAAFE Center
Phone: 419.352.1545

Drug, Alcohol, and Sexual Offenses Coalition
Phone: 419.372.2011

Office of Residence Life
Phone: 419.372.2011

Student Legal Services
Phone: 419.372.2951Â

Wellness Connection
Phone: 419.372.9355

LGBT Resource Center
Phone: 419.372.9140

Women's Center
Phone: 419.372.7227

Office of the Dean of Students
Phone: 419.372.2843

Office of Student Affairs
Phone: 419.372.2147

Behavioral Connections of Wood County
Phone: 419.352.5387

Bowling Green City Police Department
Phone: 419.352.2571

Sexual Assault Mock Court Trial

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