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Bystander Intervention and Awareness - Which Animal Are You? Quiz

The Bystander Intervention "Which Animal Are You?" Quiz was developed to illustrate differences between different responses to situations based on social characteristics. You can think of it as a sort of personality test for how you might typically respond to situations that are out-of-the-ordinary.

You may be like one animal more than another at different times and in different situations. Take the quiz below to see which animal best describes your typical reaction.

Adapted from Jeff Janssen’s Team Captain’s Leadership Manual.

Shark: Willing to intervene but gives little or no thought to intervention methods. Really wants to help, but is too aggressive or insensitive. In some cases, it's better to do something quickly rather than nothing at all - but sometimes rushing in like a shark only causes more problems.


Teddy Bear: Recognizes a problem but is reluctant to act. Intervention is more indirect and passive. Willing to assist, but would rather blend in with the crowd. It's not wrong to intervene in an indirect way, but it's better to have all options available. The teddy bear is only willing to refer the problem to someone else rather than jump in directly, which is still better than doing nothing!


Turtle: Avoids intervention at all costs. Believes problems will go away if ignored, or assumes someone else will do something. The turtle isn't completely passive, however, it will do what it can to stay out of the way. This keeps the turtle out of harms way in case the situation turns ugly.


Fox: Willing to intervene and considers the best approach. Notices and interprets event as problem, assumes responsibility, knows how to help, takes action! The fox acts quickly, but takes time to assess the situation first. The fox is smart to avoid getting in over its head.


Owl: Does all that a Fox does AND considers other people's perspectives. Finds solutions that no one else has considered. The owl is wise, acts quickly, and can handle any situation in a mature and sensitive manner. 


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