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Sexual Health - Risk Reduction Tips

The following tips are intended to assist in reducing risk of being a victim or perpetrator of sexual assault. Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed strategies in the prevention of sexual assault. However, there are several tips which may be helpful in reducing risk for acquaintance rape or other sexual assault involvement.

Use knowledge to raise awareness among potential perpetrators and end sexual assault.

Help Now

419.352.1545 or 800.472.941

If you are a victim/survivor of a sexual assault, contact the Safe Center by calling The Link at the phone numbers above for emotional support and information 24 hours a day. It is free and confidential.

To Reduce Risk of Becoming a Victim...

Observe Feelings and Behavior

  • Trust own instincts at all times. If feeling uneasy, there is a reason for it. Listen to the voice inside and act on it.

Observe the Behavior of Others

  • Be aware when others attempt to violate your personal space.
  • Do not assume that someone who has been nonviolent in the past will be nonviolent in the future.

Communicate Feelings and Needs

  • Before being alone with a date, clarify the intentions with each other.
  • Be verbally assertive. Assertive responses are direct, honest, appropriate and spontaneous. Speak in a calm, controlled manner while looking directly at the harasser.

Use Power to be in Control

  • Maintain boundaries and rules of conduct at all times, regardless of how well you know someone.
  • If feeling uncomfortable, threatened, or do not like how you are being treated emotionally or physically, then leave the situation immediately. Emotional abuse escalates to physical abuse.

Observe Your Behavior

  • If being manipulative towards others, emotionally or sexually, STOP. Do not exploit others.
  • Do not feel as if you always have to initiate sexual contact. Do not initiate if you do not want to.

For more information on sexual assault prevention and educational presentations, contact the BGSU Wellness Connection at 419.372.9355.