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Presentations and Programs - Sexual Assault & Health

Below are the presentations provided by peer educators for sexual assault and sexual health. To request a presentation, please click on the request form link below.


This program combines the Safer Sex Program with HIV/AIDS specific information. This program also includes some new activities demonstrating the dangers of risky sexual activity.


Safer Oral Sex Program explains the risks of contracting an STI and how to reduce risks.

Infection Protection - Safer Sex Program

The program incorporates STI/HIV glove activity demonstration in order to address the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. An STI/HIV behavior risk activity is also offered in order to address what behaviors can contribute to contracting an STI and what activities have lower risks. A "condom tricks" activity is used to demonstrate what barrier protections are available and the proper way to use them along with common myths and facts related to barrier protection.


This program is an interactive game that allows students to learn more about various sexually transmitted infections.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault peer educators have designed an interactive presentation for an audience comprised of all genders. The program includes the exploration of the definition of sexual assault, communication strategies, gender roles, myths and facts, and response suggestions for friends or victims/survivors. Read about sexual assault on the Wire.

Healthy Relationships

Learn about what constitutes a healthy relationship! Whether or not you have a significant other, this program will provide valuable information for both men and women.

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