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WellAware - Participant Testimonials

"As my children grew up and started their own lives, I found that I was not active without their activities, etc. I began having small health problems so I began taking advantage of the University's free programs and became involved in Weight Watchers at Work. I also belong to the BG Community Center. I have found that I am most successful if there are set programs that I can attend such as the free employee fitness classes and the walking classes that have been offered in the past. The best advice I can give is to take advantage of the opportunities on campus and if it's easier and more motivating, get a group of people together!" - Debra McLean

"Because of the WellAware programming, I have begun exercising regularly and am more aware of the importance of maintaining my health through exercise and eating right."

"Last year I was in the psychology weight loss program, and I've lost nearly 30 pounds!"

"I have really enjoyed and appreciated the employee fitness classes. I just wish there had been something like this 20 years earlier. Thank you so much. I do hope they continue!"

"As a result of attending WellAware programming, such as Weight Watchers and the walking class, I have lost 30 pounds and quit smoking!"

"Due to the programs offered at work I feel healthier and more energetic!"

"It has encouraged me to start exercising every day. So far I have lost 40 pounds in 6 months."

"I love having a class to go to right after work that is free and is before I go home and get busy with things to do there. I am really glad the University is dedicated to this program."

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