Report It!

A hate crime/bias-related crime merits a priority response from every sector of BGSU. All offices/departments, staff, faculty, and students have an important role to play in helping to ensure that no person is targeted for violence on the basis of his or her personal characteristics.

What’s more offensive than the things some people say to your face? The things they’ll say when you’re not around.

We need to stop assuming that just because hate is hidden, it’s okay.

Report hate/bias-related crimes here!

If you want to report theft, crimes against a person or property, or illegal drug and/or alcohol use, please call UPD at 419-372-2346. The University Department of Public Safety, 104 Commons0, is accessible 24 hours a day to receive information or provide officer assistance.  Criminal activity or emergencies (fire or medical) may be reported by dialing 911 or 2-2346 from any University phone.

If you are alleging a residential student has violated the code of student conduct either contact a Residence Life staff member or complete this form online and submit electronically. 

If you are alleging an incident occurred outside of a residence hall or Greek house or the incident occurred off campus, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students or complete this form online and submit electronically.

If you want to report an academic honesty violation, please follow the academic honesty policy.  You could find this document in the Academic Charter found here and in the Student Handbook found here.