Dear BGSU Cheer Alumni,

Welcome to the BGSU Cheerleading website. Please pass this website on to former BGSU Cheerleaders to help assist us in contacting as many former BGSU Cheerleaders as possible.

The Bowling Green Cheerleader's Alumni Association a proud and spirited group of cheerleading alumni who support our cheerleading program. All of our alumni are invited back each year to cheer along with the current squads for our annual Homecoming game to honor both our current and past members of the squads.

Our faithful alumni have been seen helping out with choreography, stunting, tryouts, and even traveling with the current teams to support them on the road, as well as at Nationals!

Please register online to begin receiving information for our 2013 Homecoming reunion.

If you have pictures or news you would like to share with the Alumni, please email the information to Anne Marie King at

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