Graduate Student Senate

Funding for Professional Development

Guidelines for Funding for Professional Development (FPD)

Funding for professional development (FPD) is designed to supplement costs for graduate students participating in professional activities (i.e. conferences, workshops, recitals, etc).


Applicants must be enrolled in the semester they seek funding within BGSU's Graduate College, registered for at least 6 credit hours per semester during the academic year, and in good standing with the Graduate College.

The applicant's department must be in good standing with Graduate Student Senate (GSS) at the end of the previous semester. Applicants from departments not in good standing with GSS at the end of the previous semester will not be considered for FPD. Applicants are responsible for knowing this information.

Each student must fill out an application, completely independent of any other student.  NO GROUP APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Only one FPD application accepted per activity.

A student may apply for multiple activities within a semester.  Each professional development activity will require a separate application.

Funding Guidelines and Appropriate Use of FPD

•    FPD will be considered only for expenses related to transportation, lodging, and registration.

•    FPD will not be provided for meals, food expenses, materials, or other social activities.

•    Applicants are eligible for maximum distribution of $275 per academic year. The actual amount received is dependent upon the number of applications and funding available within any given semester.

•    Applicants may only apply for FPD during the defined period of time.

•    BGSU standards must be used in calculating expenses (i.e. current mileage rates, etc.) found at The current amount for mileage is $.56 per mile as of Jan. 1,  2014.  Do not submit receipts for gasoline.

Application Process

Complete the application found at the link below. Hit submit.  It's that simple!  This form does not generate a confirmation notice, however all applicants will receive notification from the GSS treasurer by midnight of the date indicated at the bottom of the page.  If you submitted an application and have not received notification on or before that date please call the GSS office within the week following the notification date.

Reimbursement Process

Bring receipts and proof of attendance (something which can only be obtained at the event, such as a program or name badge) to the GSS office within one month AFTER the event. The office cannot and will not accept receipts before the date of the event. 

If you are receiving funds from your department take your receipts to them first, then ask them to forward the travel reimbursement form and receipts to the GSS office before sending it to Accounts Payable.  GSS will then add your GSS awarded funds to the form and send it forward to the business office.

About Receipts

Receipts must show that the applicant paid for the expense.  If another party paid for the expense the attendee must have documentation which includes a copy of the receipt from the billing party (such as the hotel or airline) and a statement from the person who paid verifying that they received compensation from the applicant.  If you have any question regarding receipts or filing for your reimbursement please contact the office secretary, Alice Cook at 372-2426.

Summer FPD Reimbursement

The GSS office is closed during summer session and this affects the method of submitting receipts for  your FPD reimbursement.  If your travel event is also being funded by your department, submit your receipts to your department and ask them to process the award without the GSS award included.  Ask your department secretary to email a copy of the department's reimbursement transaction to Alice Cook ( and our office will add the GSS award when the office reopens after August 18.  If you are not receiving department funds for your professional development event please submit your receipts and proof of attendance to the office after August 18.


2013-2014 Funding Dates and Deadlines

Activity date range:  Aug. 19-Jan.13 * Application Deadline: September 20 *  Notification of Award on or before September 27

  Activity date range:  Jan. 13-May 9 * Application Deadline:February 7 *  Notification of Award on or before February 14

Activity date range:  May 9- August 26 * Application Deadline: April 4 *  Notification of Award on or before April 11