Graduate Student Senate

Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution can be downloaded here.
Bylaws can be downloaded here.

Graduate Student Senate

Bowling Green State University



Under the authority of the Bowling Green State University Charter, Article II, Section B, as established by the board of trustees, we the graduate students of Bowling Green State University, in order to represent our needs, interests, and opinions as students, to ensure our rights as citizens of the University Community, and to promote unity, cooperation, and goodwill among all students, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Bowling Green State University graduate student body.


    Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Graduate Student Senate, hereafter referred to as GSS.

    Section 2: The purpose of this organization shall be.

    Section 3: Any graduate student of BGSU and BGSU Firelands in good standing, as established by the BGSU Graduate College is eligible for membership in the GSS.

    Section 4: The GSS shall be composed of the General Assembly, hereafter referred to as the GA and the Senate Executive Committee hereafter referred to as the SEC.  In addition the BGSU graduate student board of trustees representative shall be an ex-officio member of the GA and the SEC.

    Section 5: All graduate students whose academic discipline resides under a single department chair shall define an academic department or program.  

    Section 6: The seats of the GA shall be partitioned according to the bylaws of this document.

    Section 7: The faculty sponsor and official advisor of the GSS shall be designated by the Senior Student Affairs Administrator.


    Section 1: The GSS General Assembly, hereafter GA, shall be composed of representatives from graduate degree- granting departments,  programs and graduate student organizations whose primary membership consist of graduate students in good standing as defined by Article I, Section 3. Departments, Programs and Organizations are hereafter referred to as a DPO.

    Section 2: GSS expects that the election/appointment of DPO senators shall be completed by the end of the first week of classes in the fall semester following elections.

    Section 3: The GA shall meet no less than on a biweekly basis unless holidays or other extraordinary circumstances prohibit this.

    Section 4: The meetings of the general assembly shall be open to the public.  

    Section 5: The GA shall conduct its meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order.  

    Section 6: To conduct official business there must exist a quorum of the General Assembly.  Quorum shall be defined as one-half the number of senators that are not censured, plus one.

    Section 7: Rights of Senators

    Section 8: Responsibilities of Senators

    Section 9: Definition of Proxies

    Section 11: Censure of Departments, Programs, and Organizations

    Section 12: Reinstatement of Departments, Programs, and Organizations

    Section 1: The process for the election of officers that shall serve on the SEC may on begin at any GA on or after March 1.

    Section 2: The election of officers that shall serve on the SEC will be by a vote of the General Assembly.

    Section 3: The procedure used during the GSS election process will be in accordance with those set forth in the bylaws of this constitution and the purpose of which shall be to ensure that the election is a fair and just process that meets the needs of GSS and the BGSU community.

    Section 4: Duties of the officers elect.

    Section 5: The officers shall be elected in the following order:  

    Section 6: In the event of a vacancy of an elected position, Article III Section 5 will define the GSS order of succession for positions of the elected officers.  


    Section 1: The SEC, shall be composed of seven (7) officers elected by the General Assembly as defined by Article III Section 5, and the appointed chairs and  advisors of the GSS. In addition the graduate student representative to the BGSU Board of Trustees shall be an ex-officio member of the SEC.

    Section 2: The SEC shall advise the President in the formulation of the agenda of the General Assembly; shall present to the General Assembly issues and concerns relevant to the BGSU graduate student body.

    Section 3: At the request of three (3) members of the SEC, a special meeting of the GA or the SEC may be convened.

    Section 4: The SEC meetings shall held be on a biweekly basis unless holidays or other extraordinary circumstances prohibit this.

    Section 5: Composition of the Elected, and Ex-Officio Officers.

    Section 6: Rights of the members of the SEC.

    Section 6: Rights and Responsibilities of each of the Elected and Ex-Officio Officers

    Section 7:  Rights and Responsibilities of the Appointed Officers

    Section 8: Removal of Elected Officers

    Section 9: Removal of Appointed Officers


    Section 1: Amendments to the Constitution.

    Section 2:  Clerical Amendments to the Constitution.

    Section 3: Amendments to the Bylaws.

    Section 4:  Clerical Amendments to the Bylaws.

The Constitution can be downloaded here.
Bylaws can be downloaded here.

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