Undergraduate Student Government

                         USG Election Information

                              Important dates for candidates:


Friday, April 4, 2014:

 If budget was changed, FINAL copy MUST be in by 5pm**

Receipts for all items purchased and donated are due by 5pm**


April 7-10, 2014:

 ELECTION WEEK (Begins at 8am on April 7th
and ends at 12pm on April 10th)


Friday, April 11, 2014: 

Results will be announced at 12:00pm in the Falcon’s Nest 
(Any technological difficulties will result in the results being announced April 14, 2014.)


**Please place this item in the Chief Administrator’s mailbox in the USG office,
404 Bowen-Thompson Student Union



USG Candidates 2014-2015

President/Vice President

Brian Kochheiser President
Nicole Neely Vice President

Brian Kochheiser and Nicole Neely will be running on the following:

Student Engagement:
• Create a campus tag card  
• Expand Ziggy Points initiative

Capital Planning:
• Finish Recreation Center Renovation, Greek Housing, and Traditions Buildings

• Increase Sustainability efforts and awareness on Campus
• Create a living, learning community

Multicultural Affairs:
• Collaborate with a variety of diverse organizations
• Promote advocacy training

Senator at Large

Kasie Durkit
Trenten Grohe
Lucis Ladden
Allison Latella
Nadia Oehler
Joshua Rutowksi
Victor Senn
Kyle St. Peter
Aeden Timbrook
Clayton Wood

Trenten Grohe - An opportunity to excel, learn, grow, and find who we are as individuals are why we’re all here at Bowling Green State University. Those core objects need to be front and center in the minds of our leaders on campus at all times. Decisions to protect a quality education here at BGSU must be of the upmost importance to our leaders. In turn an environment that encourages students to attend and graduate will follow. Therefore, I am running for Undergraduate Student Government to help ensure that our colligate experience is fun, rewarding, and most importantly successful for life to come.

Lucis Ladden - Howdy everyone, my name is Lucis Ladden and I am running for an At-Large Senate seat in the upcoming Bowling Green State University Undergraduate Student Government (USG) election. I am currently the senator for the residents of Kohl Hall and wish to continue my participation in USG. I pride myself on hard work and a good work ethic. When things need to get done I love being the one to step in and pull it all together. I would take honor in being your voice in USG and exhibit the leadership needed to represent you.

Allison Latella - My name is Allison (Allie) Latella and I am a freshman Mild to Moderate and Moderate to Intensive Intervention Specialist major in the College of Education and Human Development. I am running for a Senator At-Large position in our Undergraduate Student Government in hopes to help continue a positive student atmosphere on campus and allow the voices of the university to be heard. I currently serve as Kappa Delta’s Panhellenic Delegate and am also a member of the Chapman Learning Community, a service-learning environment where I am able to experience various volunteer opportunities. Thank you for your vote!

Nadia Oehler - Hello, fellow Falcons! I am so excited to be running for a Senator At-large position within USG. I enjoy taking all of your concerns, questions, and suggestions and trying to find solutions and answers. I strongly believe that as a Senator At-Large I could hear out the student body and bring the changes and improvements that the Undergrads want to see here. I can't wait to see where your student voice leads me to in the future.

Joshua Rutowski - My name is Joshua Rutowski and I am running for Senator at Large for Under Graduate Student Government here at BGSU. The area which I would like to change the most is student services available to us as students. I want to be your voice in the Under Graduate Student Government. I am very approachable and will deal with any and all concerns of the students. If you have any issues which you would be resolved please email me at jrutows@bgsu.edu

Diversity Affairs Senator  
(No candidates/write-in only)

Off-Campus Senator  

Courtney Deans
Nic Puccio
Joncarlos Urrutia

Courtney Deans -
I am a sophomore majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. Currently, I’m a member of the President’s Leadership Academy, Student Budget Committee, and Student Alumni Connection. If elected, I want to give commuters a better sense of belonging to campus. I believe many off-campus students don’t know that a commuter lounge exists. I would like to improve that lounge and implement another space for off-campus students. Also, I would like to find an effective way of communicating to off-campus students what is happening in the commuter community through emails or even a potential hall meeting at various off-campus apartments.
Joncarlos Urrutia -  Hello! My name is Joncarlos Urrutia, I'm a junior, and I am interested in running for the position of Off-Campus Senator in Undergraduate Student Government. I hope to improve on campus accommodations for off campus students and have more events geared towards students that reside off campus.

Non-Traditional Senator  

Amy Puffenberger

Amy Puffenberger - I am a non-traditional, full-time undergraduate student in my fourth semester here at BGSU.  I am also a recently retired Navy veteran, having served 20 years on active duty.  I have been serving as the Non-Traditional Student Senator since February 2013.  I believe my enthusiasm and commitment as a student, combined with my leadership experience make me well-qualified to represent the non-traditional student here on campus.  I have actively sought to assess and serve the non-traditional student here on campus and hope to implement some positive initiatives that will improve our experience here at BGSU.  I have the experience, confidence, and compassion to learn about the issues, work with leadership, and make a difference that will carry into the future.  I am eager to meet and advocate for other non-traditional students to make our college experience even better and our contribution to the university stronger.

College of Arts & Sciences Senator 

(No candidates/write-in only)

College of Business Senator  

Amir Huggins

Amir Huggins -
I am a first year student, a Pre-Business major with a specialization of Management Information Systems (MIS), and a minor in International Business. I am the current Harshman Anderson-Bromfield Senator for the 2013-2014 academic school year. However, as an aspiring College of Business Administration (CBA) Student, my number one focus is my education and the success of the CBA and the students within. I would desire nothing more than to be able to represent my entire constituency of CBA students. Have no FEAR vote for AMIR!

College of Education & Human Development Senator  

Matt Mazur


College of Health & Human Services Senator  

(No candidates/write-in only)


College of Musical Arts Senator 

Seth Ungemach

College of Technology Senator  

(No candidates/write-in only)