Division of Student Affairs


LeadershipThe Center for Leadership was created in July 2010 as an umbrella department whose purpose was to define the BGSU learning outcome on leadership. Since that time the Center has established a comprehensive vision, mission, and values statements that are grounded in the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Furthermore, five essential leadership competencies have been defined as the skills all campus leadership programs should be developing:

Inclusion - creating broad and safe environments that engage and support diversity.

Purpose - understanding personal and organizational values and establishing a sense of purpose that contributes to the development of others.

Integrity - acting in an ethical and legal manner that is harmonious with personal and organizational values.

Group Development - the ability to manage and lead individuals in the establishment and execution of group goals.

Global Citizenship- versatility in leadership and communication style that is respectful of cultural context and implications.

In addition, the Center for Leadership is home to the annual Leadership Academy, the Student Leader Retreat and the BGSU Leadership Certificate Program. These three primary programs are modeled after the critical elements of the Social Change Model. Recently, Dr. John Dugan from Loyola University, and principal investigator of the Multi-Institutional Study on Leadership, featured the programming model of BGSU’s Center for Leadership as a best practices model for developmental sequencing at the annual College Student Educators International (ACPA) annual convention.

The Center for Leadership also works with campus departments to align their leadership programs to the overarching BGSU learning outcomes. Through consultation and collaboration on programming, curriculum, and events the Center strives to help University departments enhance their specific leadership programs.