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Leaving A Legacy

BGSU Legacy Gateway

Six students, with the support of President Mazey and other staff members from across campus, have formed the Student Legacy Campaign Committee to support their desire to leave behind a legacy at BGSU. The committee’s goal is to create within the student body of BGSU a culture of giving to the university. The students, Evan Colyer, David Neely, Beau Slater, Alex Solis, Ryan Sowers, and Sarah Swegan, believe that current students who are exposed to and begin giving now are more likely to become loyal alumni supporters and perpetuate the continued excellence of BGSU in the future. The campaign will be raising funds in support of a new capital initiative: specifically, aiding in the demolition of the current administration building and the construction of a new campus gateway. If you wish to know more or want to get involved, please reach out to the campaign’s Faculty and Staff Liaison, Beau Slater, at slaterb@falcon.bgsu.edu. Congratulations to all students and staff members involved in launching this exciting initiative!