Division of Student Affairs
107 Saddlemire Student Services at Conklin
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm (office hours)

Full academic regalia is required to participate in the ceremony. All degree candidates, except doctoral candidates, are required to wear the appropriate black graduation gown for the degree being bestowed. Doctoral candidates are required to wear the official university regalia of brown robe, brown tam, and the Bowling Green State University hood. Only approved cords or University Honors program medallions denoting the highest academic achievements will be accepted to be worn with regalia. Participants are asked to keep attire appropriate and in accordance with the dignity and decorum of the occasion. To look your best with the graduation gown, we suggest the following attire:

For Women

  • dark dresses, without high collars, dark shoes
  • no corsages or jewelry on the robe

For Men:

  • dark trousers, white shirts
  • dark shoes and socks
  • dark conservative ties

A. Tassel Placement

  1. Bachelor’s candidates : Place tassel on right side of mortar board. Following conferral of degree, place tassel on left side.
  2. Master’s and Doctoral candidates: Place tassel on left side of mortar board (master) or tam (doctoral).

B. Mortar Board

  1. Wear it squarely on top of the head, board parallel to the floor; not cocked to the sides, forward or back.

C. Hoods

  1. Master’s candidates: Wear hoods during all academic ceremonies. Marshals will be available to assist you with the proper manner to wear a hood.
  2. Doctoral candidates: The candidate’s major professor will carry the hood in approaching the platform. Major professors will hood the candidates during the ceremony.

D. Honor Cords(Bachelor’s candidates only)

  1. The cords are attached to the gown on the wearer’s left shoulder. They are distributed by the deans offices to qualified degree candidates.
  2. They should be draped around the neck, with the tassels hanging as evenly as possible in the front.

E. Other Paraphernalia

  1. At all commencement ceremonies, no paraphernalia beyond cap, gown, and the summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude, academic honor cords and University Honors medallions are permitted.