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Are you still using external drives (i.e. thumb, CD/DVD, passports) to access your files outside of the workplace?  Still sending attachments to your colleagues to share files?  Well then, the next two Tech Trends are must-reads for you!

ITS began offering shared file space to University departments beginning in the Fall of 2003.  At that time the cost of shared file space was quite costly; however, last Fall ITS implemented a new Shared File Space Service that will help departments in this budget crunch time of need!  A Shared File Space is disk space on a central server that has been allocated to a specific department with read/write privileges granted to staff and student employees within that specific department.  Access to the shared file space is initiated upon the staff member’s logon to the University’s Windows Domain.

ITS will support this service by providing continuous monitoring of your office’s files and will provide administrative support that will keep the computing facility current and tuned.  ITS will also support the recovery of lost files through an automated backup system that takes daily incremental backups of the files.

Laptop computers sharing files.There are two levels of service available:

  • Level 1
    • 5Gb of shared file space free of charge
    • All user accounts will be created with the same read/write permissions to the whole shared space
    • This is strictly shared file space.  More advanced options (backing up MyDocuments folders) are only available in Level 2
  • Level 2
    • 10Gb of shared file space for a fee of $50 a year
    • Storage Space can be increased at a price of $5/Gb in increments of 10Gb
    • Two levels of user accounts will be allowed
    • A regular backup of the MyDocuments folder for each PC user’s hard drive.

An example of Level 2 service could be setting up your space as follows:

  1. Public Folder: sharing files with all staff members and student employees
  2. Staff Folder: sharing files with ONLY staff members, allowing protection of sensitive data
  3. BackUp Folder:  for all staff members and student employees, backing up their MyDocuments folder contents. Warning: files residing on your desktop will NOT be backed up. 

To request the File Share Service for your Department, contact the Technology Support Center at 419-372-0999.

Remember to “click on” next week’s Tech Trends to find out how to get rid of those nasty thumb drives and access your files through the internet, along with how to share files outside of your office to other university colleagues!

If you would like to request a certain software function tip or technology topic to be featured in an upcoming Student Affairs Newsletter’s Tech Trends, please send your request to Susan Gladieux at sgladie@bgsu.edu

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