Division of Student Affairs

University Spirits and Traditions Committee


To increase school pride through the development and implementation of programs and events.


  1. Educate new students and members of the campus community on BGSU spirit and traditions;
  2. Revisit past BGSU traditions;
  3. Review current spirit and tradition strategies and efforts;
  4. Research spirit and tradition efforts to identify potential enhancements.


  1. Two (2) representatives from the Office of Dean of Students;
  2. One (1) representative from the Office of Campus Activities;
  3. Two (2) representatives from the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics;
  4. One (1) representative from the Office of Greek Affairs;
  5. Two (2)  representative from the Alumni Affairs, the Alumni Association, and/or the Alumni Board of Directors;
  6. Students appointed from a variety of student groups and organizations, including but not limited to Greek letter organizations, the American Marketing Association, Resident Student Association, University Activities Organization, Student-Athlete Advisory Board, Student Alumni Connection, and the BG News;
  7. One (1) representative from the Falcon Marching Band;
  8. Two (2)  representatives from the various spirit groups (cheerleaders, mascots, and SICSIC). Mascot and SICSIC representatives must be former members.


The chair shall be appointed by the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.


All meetings shall be conducted within the framework of BGSU’s core values of respect and cooperation.


All members shall have equal voting rights.


The University Spirits and Traditions Committee reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs.