Following are summaries of University and Division of Student Affairs policies with links to the full policy.  The goal of a summary is to allow the user to quickly determine the policy(ies) that apply to their situation; thus, limiting research time.

  Bowen-Thompson Student Union Events

  • Window Splash
  • Contact Tables
  • Outdoor Events
  • Painting the Rock
  • (Outdoor) Banner Space
  • (Inside) Banner Space 
  • And others

Business Entertainment (not applicable to student groups)

  • Clear business purpose for the activity
  • Two or more persons with at least one non-BGSU person
  • No liquor or alcoholic beverages
  • Staff training and retreats: requires formal training, speakers, or educational experience
  • No flowers, gifts, greeting cards, and parties for employees (including student employees) and employee’s dependents, etc.
  • Reasonable costs with original receipts or vendor invoices
  • Reimbursement Form

Cash Collections

  • Collection of cash, checks, credit cards and BG1 card
  • Endorse checks “For Deposit Only”
  • Two people count and record amount collected
  • Do not spend funds – Deposit in University (DCC) or Foundation account
  • Secure until deposited – in University building; secure place, preferably a fireproof safe
  • DO NOT keep in a car or home!!


  • Two people count and verify amount collected
  • Prepare deposit slip (available at Bursar’s Office)
  • Deposit timely – within 24 hours
  • After hours deposit at BTSU Information Center available (primarily student organizations)

Foundation Deposits

  • Same as Bursar Deposits (See "Deposits" above) EXCEPT deliver to Mileti Alumni Center, Development Office
  • Contact the BGSU Foundation at 419-372-7698 with any questions

Marketing and Communications Graphic Standards Manual

  • Must use official University logos

  P-Card (University VISA Card)

  • PCard Administration
  • What can I use it for? Primarily, the P-Card can be used to purchase most of the same goods and services that can be obtained using a check request or purchase order. Examples include
    • Goods and Services up to $3,500
    • Airfare
    • Other Transportation (Rental Vehicle, etc.)
    • Conference Registration
  • Primarily, the card cannot be used for travel expenses. Examples include:
    • Goods and Services over $3,500
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Cash advances, travelers checks, money orders, wire transfers
    • Donations
    • Entertainment expenses
    • Employee relocation expenses
    • Fuel for a privately-owned vehicle
    • Leases
    • Long term rentals (1 year or longer)
    • Personal items
    • Travel expenses (lodging, restaurants, etc.)
    • Travel - Taxi/Limousine Service

Security for Special Events

  • A sponsored public event must have police officers present at all times
  • Hired by the sponsoring group
  • To schedule a special event, call 419-372-8816

Student Handbook -- Policies and Procedures  

Travel -- Policy

  • Travel regulations and reimbursement policy
  • Also see "Vehicle Use" 

Travel -- Student Organizations

  • Student travel policy applies to all undergraduate registered organizations as defined by the Student Handbook.

Travel -- Vehicle Use

  • Policies and forms related to driving university owned, leased or rented vehicles
    • Driver Insurability Policy
    • Motor Vehicle Record Statement Form
    • Motor Vehicle and Driver Safety Procedure
    • Student Use of Vehicles
    • Van Driver Safety Procedure
    • Vehicle Rental

Travel -- Reimbursements

  • Travel reimbursement policy and other travel regulations
    • Travel reimbursement rates
    • Preparing Travel Expense Report
    • Travel Expense Form

University Dining Services

  • Food services must be provided according to the policies, procedures, and regulations as established by the State of Ohio Board of Health.
  • All food served on campus must be provided by a licensed food service vendor.  Some exemptions may apply.
  • The serving of food to any public group in a campus facility must be approved by that facility director.
    •  Food Service Policies for Student Organizatons
  • Food services in the Union and its jurisdictions must follow Student Organization Food Policies as outlined on the Bowen-Thompson Student Union website.
    • Student Organization Food Policies