Division of Student Affairs

Divisional Assessment

Division of Student Affairs Assessment Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Assessment Committee, chaired by individuals appointed by the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, serves as a standing committee within the Division of Student Affairs.  Members of the committee collectively have responsibility for coordinating assessment and evaluation initiatives with the Division.  Committee membership includes administrative, classified, and graduate assistant staff from a variety of departments within the Division.  Specific functions for this committee include to:

  • Promote a culture within Student Affairs that empowers staff in each department to utilize assessment and evaluation practices in the development, execution, and refinement of programs and services and to incorporate data in strategic planning and decision-making processes;
  • Identify and implement strategies to widely communicate assessment and evaluation data throughout the Division and across the University so that faculty, staff, and students can recognize how the Division supports the mission of the University, as well as how input affects positive changes concerning programs, services, policies, and procedures;
  • Maintain an annual calendar to coordinate and streamline departmental assessment and evaluation efforts;
  • Provide ongoing training opportunities that maximize staff members’ capacity concerning assessment and evaluation practices; 
  • Evaluate and recommend changes to the Division’s Learning Outcomes to ensure they align with and advance those espoused by the University;
  • Review departmental assessment plans and provide feedback to improve quality and effectiveness; and
  • Craft operational definitions for information to clarify how data sources relate to constructs being measured (e.g., is high school GPA how we want to measure pre-college academic aptitude among BGSU students).

2013-2014 Committee Goals

  • Utilize time at Student Affairs Council (i.e., departmental leaders) meetings to share departmental assessment projects. 
  • Focus on marketing assessment results across campus:
    • Coordinate a Campus Labs webinar focusing on marketing to coincide with a committee meeting and invite any staff member from the Division to attend; and
    • Require departments to identify at least one marketing strategy to execute each semester concerning a recent assessment project the staff completed.
  • Recruit a doctoral graduate assistant to assist with Campus Labs software usage and to training staff members within the Division about ways to better leverage the software.
  • Train staff on the creation and use of rubrics as a way to directly measure student learning.  Departments should attempt to incorporate the use of rubrics into at least one their signature programs.
  • Create and execute an administrative, streamlined process to collect cohort information from departments and collaborate with Institutional Research concerning the impact of the program(s) on student retention rates.
  • Continue participation in national benchmarking studies.  Specifically, Recreation & Wellness and the Counseling Center should administer the NASPA Consortium surveys this year.
  • Continue assessing a minimum of two “signature programs” at the departmental level.

2013-2014 Committee Membership

Dr. Steve Kampf, Co-Chair

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director, Recreation & Wellness

Dr. Sidney Childs

Executive Director, TRIO Programs

Chris Bullins, Co-Chair

Associate Dean of Students

Dr. Faith Yingling

Director, Wellness Connection

Dr. Garrett Gilmer

Associate Director, Center for Health and Director, Counseling Center

Anat Levtov

Senior Coordinator, Office of Residence Life

Jacob Clemens

Assistant Dean of Students

Deb Novak

Assistant Dean of Students

Jo Campbell

Doctoral Intern

Ray Plaza

Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Cindy Roberts

Assistant Director, New Student Orientation & First Year Programs