Division of Student Affairs

Focus Areas and Goals for 2013-2014


Communication and Collaboration (University Goals 1 and 7)

  • Identify a division wide initiative that will bring a greater sense of unity to the division.
  • Continue building partnerships with Academic Affairs and Enrollment management with an emphasis on retention, graduate and undergraduate academic success and international students.
  • Define, create, and sustain intentional points of contact between Student Affairs and Finance and Administration
  • Expand relationships with community partners and expand outreach.
  • Maintain and promote positive town/gown relationships.
  • Increase parent participation, as appropriate.
  • Develop and implement a plan to “tell our story”.

Diversity (University Goal 5)

  • Engage, support, and lead diversity and inclusion efforts across campus.
  • Create a divisional diversity plan to align with the strategic plan and resources.
  • Increase the diversity of the Student Affairs staff.
  • Encourage and support staff involvement in diversity and cultural competency skill building.  

Financial Stewardship & Facilities (University Goal 7)

  • Build new facilities and renovate existing facilities as needed.
  • Develop a three- year plan to identify a permanent location for division offices currently in Conklin and department offices currently located in Math/Science.
  • Intentionally engage the division in development initiatives; define a clear role for Student Affairs in the campaign.
  • Continue outreach to alums including increased usage of the “One” system to code alums accurately.
  • Align division finances around priorities and maintain positive stewardship of state dollars; identify efficiencies wherever possible.
  • Increase external revenue streams.
  • Increase the financial literacy of division staff.

Professional Development and Recognition (University Goal 6)

  • Continue to promote and support on-going professional development to increase staff performance and learning.
  • Develop a plan for division wide professional development activities.
  • Strive to attain national, regional, or local recognition for programmatic, facility, and/or individual staff accomplishments.

Technology (University Goal 7)

  • Maximize the use of Campus Labs to attain our assessment, evaluation, and benchmarking objectives to “tell our story” among all constituents.
  • Create an intentional plan to market and promote outcomes achieved from assessment initiatives, including the use of social media.
  • Utilize feedback capture mechanisms to develop on-going data related to student learning, participation, and attitudes.

Retention (University Goals 1 and 7)

  • Align the University retention initiatives with Student Affairs programs.
  • Develop new retention strategies within the Division, as needed.
  • Apply student development theory and methods to retention initiatives.
  • Provide divisional leadership to University retention initiatives.
  • Align resources to support the prominence and growth of the Center for Leadership.
  • Utilize institutional metrics as a guide to on-going assessment, evaluation, and data collection.
  • Rely on new vision and mission statement for strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Maximize the utilization of SuccessNet.
  • Develop a communication strategy that illustrates the significant role and success of Student Affairs programs that positively impact retention.