Student Success at BGSU

BGSU Student Success Plan

Welcome to BGSU's Student Success Plan home page. Our goal is to become the premier learning community in Ohio and one of the best in the nation. To achieve that goal, we plan carefully for and then measures our students' successes.

This web site presents BGSU plans for student success, affords the opportunity to view the video Faces and Voices of Student Success , and provides links to ePortfolios which demonstrate achievements of our students.

BGSU plans for student success by

  • defining learning outcomes and assessing student achievement of those outcomes in General Education,
  • defining learning outcomes and assessing student achievement of those outcomes in undergraduate Majors and Programs, and
  • identifying and measuring the impact of many Special Features at BGSU for undergraduates.

These components reflect attainment of student goals in professional and personal endeavors, a larger purpose of higher education.


Faces and Voices Cover
Faces & Voices of Student Success Click the DVD cover or the link to view a video of students talking about their successes at BGSU.

Student achievement at BGSU shows most tangibly in the large and growing collection of ePortfolios, 12 of which can be accessed through this ePortfolio link. When you click through to one of the samples, you will see that person's ePortfolio in a new browser window. To see others' ePortfolios, click on the Examples link in the top right corner of any ePortfolio home page--the Examples link will show you a collection of 30 ePortfolios. Or click on a Search link to search for ePortfolios by first name, last name, or BGSU username. To see a generic sample ePortfolio account, visit Freddie and Frieda Falcon's ePortfolio.