Administrative Staff Council

Meeting Minutes Archive - February 2009

Administrative Staff Council 2008-2009

Minutes: February 5, 2009

Members Present: Jim Beaverson, Daria Blachowski-Dreyer, Adam Bohland, Nora Cassidy, Jodi Devine, Donna Dick, Laura Emch, Kim Fleshman, Chris Haar, Mike Hachtel, Barb Hoffman, Steve Kendall, Denise Kisabeth, Jeanne Langendorfer, Susan Macias, Sandra Mencer, Mitch Miller, Connie Molnar, Beth Nagel, Jacqueline Nathan, Sherri Orwick Ogden, Steve Overholt, Tim Parish, Heidi Popovitch, Carrie Rathsack, Marlene Reynolds, Deborah Rice, Tony Short, Beverly Stearns, Kurt Thomas, Janice Twork, Jenifer Twu, Nancy Vanderlugt, Mary Beth Zachary, Tom Zapiecki, Sara Zulch-Smith, Barbara Keller (BGSU Ret. Assoc. Rep), Violet Serrato (CSC Rep)

Co-Chair Kim Fleshman called the meeting to order.

Guest Speaker –Alaina Kantner, Dance Marathon

Alaina Kantner spoke about the upcoming Dance Marathon and encouraged everyone to get involved.  The event will be held on March 21, 2009 beginning at 10:00 am in the Recreation Center.  For more information, go to

Introduction of Subs: Teresa McLove for Judy Donald, Sally Dreier for Shannon Bozigar, Kari Johnson for Brett Pogan, Andrea Depinet for Jason Dunn

Approval of January 2009 Minutes: A motion was made by Susan Macias to adopt the minutes.  Jim Beaverson seconded the motion.  All approved.

 Co-Chairs Report:

 01/13/09 Executive Committee Meeting


       Discussed officers’ meeting with Human Resources

       Discussed the number of administrative staff members receiving notification of contract non-renewal or alteration and the need for firm information

       Discussed the need to assist those who have been affected by downsizing

o      Possible resources include Michelle Simmons, Career Center; Symmetry Wellness (division of Harbor Behavioral Healthcare)

o      Jeanne Langendorfer is compiling information

       Discussed the 90-day notification period mentioned by President Cartwright

o      Sending a thank you note to her for coming to our monthly meeting, which will include commentary on the 90-day notification


01/20/09 Meeting with Office of Human Resources (R. Ferguson, K. Fleshman, M. Serio, S. Zulch-Smith)


       Marsha Serio is helping Michelle Simmons develop informational workshops for employees dealing with layoffs/separations

       Marsha Serio offered to give input to the “Information for Assistance” document

       Asked for definition of “employing unit” as referred to in the Ohio Revised Code in the context of offering early retirement incentives

       Discussed the 90-day notification period that was mentioned by President Cartwright

       Discussed creating a memo to Rebecca Ferguson requesting that ASC officers not be paid this year

       Catastrophic leave will not be an agenda item for the February BOT meeting

       Walgreens is no longer in the network for our prescription plan

       Thanked Rebecca for her response to clear up questions about 10-month (217 day) contracts

       Discussed the article that was in the Sentinel Tribuneand the Blade about Governor Strickland asking for 35-hour work weeks instead of 40 hours, and for no holiday pay

o      Nothing has been rumored about this information at this point

       Requested numbers of administrative staff members receiving notification of contract non-renewal or alteration

o      Final numbers will be given in June 2009


01/27/09 Executive Committee Meeting

       Discussed the Non-Compensation Conciliation (NCC) document rewrite

       Discussed and approved the white paper/memorandum in response to the 90-day notification idea

       Discussed the HR meeting on 1/20/09 (see above)

       Discussed the idea of having a town hall meeting and creating a panel to answer questions within an open forum for all administrative staff


02/03/09 Employee Constituent Group Leaders (Tri-Chairs & GSS ) Meeting (K. Fleshman, F. Olson, B. Stearns, E. Williams, E. Guillory)

•      Severe Weather Policy

Discussed how the lateness in announcing the cancellation of classes affected the individuals who had arrived and chose to stay at work

Discussed variations in application regarding who was compensated and how

Discussed the possibility of several versions of the policy being posted on different campus sites


02/04/09 Public Records Forum (S. Charter, S. Fitzgerald, B. Petryshak, K. Fleshman, F. Olson, B. Stearns, E. Williams) 

•      Discussed the need to have clear, consistent information about records requests and retention

•      Set the date for a public records forum to be hosted by employee constituent group chairs on 3/19/2009, from 2:30 – 4:30 pm in 308 B-TSU. Developed topics to be addressed by expert panelists who will dialogue with and answer questions from the audience.

Treasurer’s report: 

      There will be $3,000 for scholarships and $1,000 for professional development this year. 

      The two small accounts have been combined into one account. 

      All money currently in the budget has been dedicated. 

Chair-Elect Report:  no report

Secretary’s Report:  Room reservation requests have been submitted for the 2009-2010 ASC meetings. 

 Committee Reports:

Amendments: no report.

Awards: There haven’t been any spirit award nominations.  We are preparing for the spring reception. 

Internal Affairs:  Currently revising the nomination ballot and will be sending those out next month.  Working on orientation packet and website revisions.  A new committee has been created by Student Affairs - the BGSU Traditions and Spirit committee.  A member of internal affairs will be serving on the committee. 

External Affairs: Dedicating the month of March to the Hannah’s Socks charity.  Donation locations will be announced soon.  In April the goal is to generate donations for the Cocoon Shelter. 

Personnel and Welfare: Met on January 22nd and had a spirited discussion the implications of the President's remarks and the actions taken by the administration to date. Advised the attending co-chair of several possible actions. The first suggestion was taken to the Executive Committee.

Professional Development:  Professional development awards will be announced in March. 

Scholarship: Raffle winners will be posted on the website by the next meeting.  Winners will be notified about how to obtain their prizes or they will be delivered to them.  This 1977 tickets were sold for a total of $1184

Previous years:

    2008:  $1554
    2007:  $2294
    2006:  $3034
    2005:  $2193
    2004:  $1844
    2003:  $1799
    2002:  $2016
    2001:  $2759
    2000:  $2000

Scholarship applications have been sent to qualifying students and is available on our website.  Applications are due March 16.

Ombuds:  There have been very few calls in the last month.

CSC Rep:  It is believed classified staff layoffs will begin sometime in June.  There are no numbers as of yet.  HR is holding all vacant spots until the layoffs begin.  Vacancies will be filled first. 

BGSU Retiree Liaison:  A Bill has been introduced to repeal WEP/GPO (H R 235).  This could be very important for retirees receiving PERS benefits.  Go to for more info. 

Old Business:

Non-compensation Conciliation Process.  First reading - please submit suggestions or changes to Jodi Devine. 

New Business:

ASC representatives.  Administrative Staff – please consider running for administrative staff council! Officers are also needed.  Nomination Ballots will be emailed to all administrative staff in March.  Ballots can be emailed back or printed and placed in the campus mail.  If you have any questions, please contact Sherri Orwick Ogden at or 9676.

Town Hall Meeting.  A Town Hall Meeting has been suggested to allow administrative staff to ask questions of a group of panelists.  It is hoped the panelists will include HR, Sean Fitzgerald, Sherideen Stoll and the President.  We will need questions from all administrative staff and ASC representatives are asked to encourage constituents to submit questions as well as attend the event.  Further details will be forthcoming.  A sample email to send to constituents will be drafted for the ASC representatives. 

A motion was made by Jacqueline Nathan to have a town hall meeting.  The motion was seconded by Jodi Devine.  All approved.

Position  Paper/Memorandum.  A  position paper/memorandum regarding the possible change in administrative staff non-renewal notification has been drafted by the ASC Executive Committee.  A motion was made to endorse the draft by Mary Beth Zachary.  The motion was seconded by Steve Kendall.  All approved. 

Good of the Order:

1.      Thank you to all those who contributed to the Building Dreams campaign.  146 million dollars was collected.  Of the 146million, approximately 10-12 came from retired and current faculty and staff. 

2.     Backback campaign for abused and neglected children in Wood county.  If you would like to contribute, see Jodi Devine. 

Heidi Popovitch made a motion to adjourn; it was seconded by Connie Molnar.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 5, 2009 at 1:30 in 207 BTSU.

Respectfully submitted by,

Sherri Orwick Ogden