Tenth Ohio Latin Americanist Conference
February 18-19, 2011. Bowling Green State University
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September 15, 4:30-6:30pm
Screening of the film "Moving Pictures"
Followed by Q&A with the film's Co-Director Chris Moore.
Business Administration building theater, room 1007
April 12, 2010
Latin American and Latino/a Studies Conference 2010
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Keynote: "Representations of Migration in Nahua Art" by Dr. Martha García and amate artist Nicolás de Jesús. Murals by Nicolás de Jesús to be displayed in the conference venue.
Oct. 26 and 28, 2009
Human Rights in Latin America Film Series
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10/26/2009, BTSU Theatre
Screening of Paisito (Small Country), followed by a conversation with award winning screenwriter and actor, Ricardo Fernández Blanco

10/28/2009, BTSU 314

Screening of “The Disappeared”
April 2, 2009, BTSU
Latin American and Latino/a Studies Conference

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The conference is an opportunity to present and discuss scholarly work by students and other BGSU community members. The conference will culminate with a reception, as well as a keynote speech and live musical performance by Manuel Monestel, a renowned musician and ethnomusicologist from Costa Rica.

March 18, 2009 at 7pm, BTSU Theatre (206)
ICS Lecture Series: Matthew Guttman.
Changing Men and Masculinities in Mexico: Sex, Birth Control, and AIDS
Please consult ICS's webpage for further information.

Feb. 11, 2009 at 3:30pm
Workshop with Scott Magelssen (BGSU, Theatre & Film)
Reenacting the Border Crossing: Tourist Performance in the Twentieth Century
Please RSVP with Amilcar Challu.

I slowly picked my way across the narrow stone walkway, perhaps twelve inches across at its widest, and tried to gauge the uneven footing ahead by the light of the moon. To my left was a steep plunge, the stone wall dropping far down to the bushes and mud of the river valley below. To my right, at arm’s length, was a rock wall I could use for balance, if I didn’t fall into the murky water in between. This would have been difficult enough under normal circumstances, but it was made all the more so by the fact that the U.S. Border Patrol was on my tail. This was in May of 2008. I was participating in Parque EcoAlberto of Mexico’s Caminata Nocturna, a simulation of an illegal crossing of the U.S-Mexico border, with about forty other tourists.

October 2008
Reading Cultures. Series of presentations in Campus Pollieyes in celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month.
October 16, 2008
Public Lecture by Pablo Delano. In-Betweenity, or Navigating the Spanish and English Caribbean: A Photographic Exploration of Migration and Cultural Identity.
September 19, 2008
Presentation by Human Rights Attorney Leonel Rivero on the investigation of the assassination of FLOC Organizer Santiago Rafael in Monterrey, Mexico