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Host a Silent Witness display

Community organizations are invited to borrow all or part of the Silent Witness collection for display at public events. In this way, the community can remember girls and women lost to domestic violence, show awareness of the devastating effects of violence in the Northwest Ohio community, and advocate for an end to these senseless losses of life. Local community organizations, centers, businesses, schools, universities, colleges and places of worship are welcome to borrow one or more of the Silent Witnesses.

If you are interested in borrowing the Silent Witnesses, please download the "Contract for Borrowing Silent Witness" form and e-mail it with your request to BGSU's Women's Center to or via fax 419-372-6020.

Before committing to host a Silent Witness display, please read below the guidelines for hosting a Silent Witness display listed below.





It is understood that at least one person from the hosting agency/organization/department will remain with the Silent Witness display at all times. This is to safeguard the display and ensure someone of authority is available to assist with any potential problems.
It is understood that at least one person from the hosting agency/organization/departmet will assist with the setting up and taking down of the Silent Witness display.
It is understood that each Silent Witness figure will be covered by their shrouds when transported or stored.
It is understood that to provide an outdoor display of the Silent Witness Project proper weather conditions must be in force. Temperature must be above 50 degrees, winds must be below 20 mph, and rains cannot be more than a light sprinkle.
It is understood that any staff person or volunteer at the display will have received and read the Silent Witness Project Information Packet. Volunteers can read this packet to get acquainted with the history and goals of the display and be able to answer questions by viewers of the display. All volunteers will freely pass out materials to viewers of the display and make themselves approachable for questions.
It is understood that if members of the media arrive at a display, the following information is to be obtained: name of media source, name of individual, and date of expected publication. It is also understood that the following information is to be given to the reporter/photographer: The Silent Witness Project brochure and contact information for the BGSU's Women's Center. All information regarding media sources should be shared with the BGSU's Women's Center as soon as possible.
It is understood that prior to any publication of flyers/posters/public service announcement, etc., the BGSU's Women's Center will review all material. All materials will include the phrase "The Wood County Silent Witness Project is housed and maintained by the Women's Center of Bowling Green State University."
Click here to download the "Contract for Borrowing Silent Witness" form.