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SETGO Bridge (IDS 110)
-formerly the ORB (IDS 290)

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Granting Access to Math & Science (GRAMS) Scholarship for SETGO students

Granting Access to Math & Science (GRAMS) is a scholarship program available to SETGO students at Owens Community College. It supports unmet financial needs to a maximum of $10,000/annum and transfers with the student to Bowling Green State University in subsequent years.

To Qualify you must:
---have completed one semester of college level courses at Owens Community College
---have completed a FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
---have unmet financial need
---be accepted into the upcoming SETGO Bridge (IDS 110) at Owens Community College and/or actively participating in the Art of Science Community
---complete and send in GRAMS application form along with 2 or more letters of recommendation, high school & most recent college transcripts
---be majoring in one of the qualified GRAMS STEM Majors
---maintain the qualifying GPA required during each academic semester that you are awarded the GRAMS funding

Deadline: For information about this year's deadline contact Liz Ross in the SETGO office at 419-372-4238

Current SETGO GRAMS Scholarship Recipients:

- Amanda Ramirez: participated in SETGO Summer Research 2009

- Brittany Rayford: participated in SETGO Bridge 2010

- Laura Galliger: participated in SETGO Bridge 2010 and is currently in SEGO Summer Research 2011

- Timothy Speegle: participated in SETGO Bridge 2009 and SETGO Summer Research 2010

- Joshua Bittner: participated in SETGO Bridge 2009

- Adam Grine: participated in SETGO Bridge 2012

- Misty Tipton: participated in SETGO Bridge 2011

- Maria Trevino: participated in SETGO Bridge

-Heather Clendenin: participated in SETGO Summer Research 2011 & 2012

- Alex Hill: participated as a SETGO Bridge Peer Mentor 2011 and in SETGO Summer Research 2012

- Paul Husband: participated as SETGO Bridge Mentor in 2011 and in SETGO Summer Research 2012

- Wendy Hoevemeyer

To learn more about this program contact:

Dr. Anne Bullerjahn


Liz Ross (SETGO Program Manager)