State of the State

State of the State

Presenter: Robynn K. Strong, B.A., Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio


Robynn K. Strong has served as the Manager of Faculty Diversity and Development, in the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity, at Case Western Reserve University, since February of 2012.  Robynn’s main areas of responsibility include the following: training and advising faculty search committees in conducting equitable searches and increasing diversity of their applicant pool as a way of ensuring that the search process is in compliance with affirmative action policies and procedures.  
In addition to her duties, another aspect of Robynn’s work includes leading conversations about interrupting bias in the hiring practice, as well as, the promotion and tenure process, and all dimensions of diversity from a department and university level.  An example of leading conversations includes Robynn’s co-facilitation of the Train the Champion program, where employees meet monthly to discuss topics that cover the spectrum of diversity, from disability issues to cultural, racial and intergenerational differences.

Robyn firmly believes Train the Champion helps foster an inclusive environment; assists with recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff and students; and encourages workplace satisfaction.  In 2012, Insight Into Diversity magazine honored Case Western Reserve University with the inaugural Higher Education Excellence in Diversity award and one initiative which stood out to the judges was the Train the Champion program.

Robynn received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Notre Dame College in Ohio where she majored in Business Management and is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Case Western Reserve University.  She has more than 18 years of employment at the University.