State of the State

State of the State

Presenter: Donna L. Flynt, M.A., Parker Hannifin Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio


Donna Flynt is the Manager of Workforce Diversity and Governance for the Parker Hannifin Corporation, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, where she oversees the Employee Relations and Human Resource Compliance Department. She has over twenty years of diversity and regulatory experience. In her current role, she serves as an internal consultant to the executive management, division management and Employee Empowerment Council on strategic diversity, community and compliance issues and activities that support the corporation’s goals.

Prior to joining Parker Hannifin Corporation, Ms. Flynt served fifteen years as a compliance officer and senior investigator for the U.S. Department of Labor.
She received her bachelor’s degree in business from Notre Dame College; a master’s degree in social psychology from Cleveland State University; and a certificate in applied behavioral sciences from the NTL Institute in Washington D.C. She graduated from the Diversity Management Program at Cleveland State University, and is a Certified Diversity Professional. She recently completed her certification in Appreciative Inquiry from CWRU Weatherhead School of Management.

Very committed to empowering women and children, Ms. Flynt has served on the boards of the Glenville YWCA; The Eastside Catholic Shelter; and CEEOA. She is a current board member and chair of Sankofa Fine Art Plus, presenters of the annual Cleveland Fine Art Expo and art inspired educational programming for children and adults. She is also a board member of Transitional Housing, Inc., a non-profit orgnization dedicated to providing women who were previously homeless for a variety of reasons, the opportunity and support needed to re-enter society as a fully functioning contributors. Ms. Flynt has served for the last 13 years as a steering committee member of State of the State (SOS), an annual meeting of diversity professionals from a variety of organizations throughout the state of Ohio. In 2006 and 2007, she served as co-chair of the Cleveland committee that hosted the two day event in the Cleveland area. She is also on the faculty of the Women of Color Foundation, and a committee member of the Cleveland Municipal School District’s S.T.E.M. Program. She has served as presenter and facilitator at various professional and educational conferences and meetings throughout the United States.

Donna is a Cleveland native and an avid sports fan. She is die hard supporter of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns, Ohio State, and Glenville High School, her alma mater, and enjoys every opportunity to support them in person during the season.