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It was the era of gang wars and bathtub gin, but the "Roaring Twenties" were fairly quiet on the campus of a young teaching school in northwest Ohio, Bowling Green State Normal College. The quietness was broken in 1923 by the sounds of the first Men's Glee Club. The chorus began touring Ohio and later sang as far away as Chicago and Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, the group's first golden age dimmed bit by bit as World War II pulled away the choristers. The once-great group contained only 15 members when it disbanded. The chorus was reunited after the war, and in the late 1940s, the baton passed to Dr. James Paul Kennedy. Under his direction, the chorus survived until 1953.

The sound of men's voices raised in song vanished from the campus until 1971, when Professor Richard D. Mathey revived the group. From a membership of 12, the chorus has grown into the active touring chorus it is today, with a membership well above 100. Mathey retired in 2000 after an incredibly successful 28 years at the helm. Dr. William Skoog, then the Director of Choral Activities at BGSU, took over the baton from 2001 until his recent resignation during the summer of 2009. Timothy Cloeter is the current wand-waiver hoping to start the new school year continuing a tradition of excellence. You can read more about Tim Cloeter in the Director section of this site.

James Paul Kennedy
Richard D. Mathey
Dr. William Skoog
Dr. Timothy Cloeter