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The BGSU Men's Chorus Officers are elected by the full Chorus each spring for a term that begins in May. The officers handle the organization side of the chorus including tours, finances, brotherhood building activities, publicity, alumni relations, and fundraising. The officers this year hope to bring a new level of brotherhood to the chorus and promote the BGSU Men's Chorus to the campus and surrounding communities.

 2014 Officer Corps

- President -

Nick Dian is a senior Bachelor of Musical Arts student, minoring in General Business. This is his third, and unfortunately final year in chorus. This year, Nick joined one of the chorus varsity barbershop quartets, and BGSU's mixed choir Collegiate Chorale. He is also a collegiate member and Social Chair of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity. When he's not planning socials or advancing brotherhood in chorus and his fraternity, Nick is spending time with friends, long boarding, and enjoying every last moment of college he has left.

- Vice President -

Kyle Fox is currently a junior at BGSU pursuing a Bachelor of Art in Digital Arts, with a minor in general business. This is Kyle's third year in the chorus and enjoys every minute of it. Within the chorus, Kyle is involved with the small Men's Chamber ensemble and is a member of a Varsity quartet. Kyle works on campus as a Peripheral Specialist at Classroom Technology Services, and has held many leadership positions in the past. He is also welcomed to his community choir rehearsals when he is home. When asked what Disney princess he would like to be, he responded with "Ariel, because it would be fun to swim underwater and explore the depths of the sea".

- Secretary -

Rowan Kempf is a Visual Communication Technology Major, and this is his fourth semester in the BGSU Men's Chorus. His interests include photography, playing piano, surfing YouTube, and, of course, singing.


- Treasurer -

Nick is a sophomore Adolescent and Young Adult Mathematics Education Major in the College of Education and Human Development and has been singing since fourth grade.  He works for Classroom Technology Services on campus and holds the Vice President of Recognition position in the Falcon Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary.  Additionally, Nick has taken up the sport of curling here at BGSU and isn't afraid to lay the hammer down.  If Nick had to choose a Disney Princess to be, he would be Aurora because he would look ravishing in pink.


- Fundraiser -

Dean Moore, II is a sophomore Music Education student and also a Resident Advisor at Kreischer Ashley Batchelder, a resident hall on the campus of BGSU. Dean is an Eagle Scout and has been in in many different leadership positions throughout his life. While usually singing, you can often find Dean playing video games and reading manga.

- Publicity -

Zachary Miller is a sophomore Gerontology Major. He is involved in the Falcon Marching Band here at BG. While he is not a music major, he enjoys all things music, choral, and instrumental. He is also in Tau Beta Sigma, the National Honorary Band Service Sorority.


- Technology Coordinator -

Jerry Kowalski is a senior Theatre Major, with a specialization in Acting/Directing. This is his fourth year in the BGSU Men's Chorus, and he is happy to have recruited his youngest brother to keep the tradition alive. He is a member of Theta Alpha Phi, the national theatre honorary fraternity, and when he isn't busy doing something theatre or music related, he can be found playing video games.