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BGSU Men's Chorus members have the opportunity participate in select small ensembles chosen from the ranks of the Chorus. These include the Varsity Barbershop Quartets and our chamber choir, Elite. These ensembles rehearse outside the regular Chorus rehearsal time, and perform with the Men’s Chorus and at their own events.  The Varsity Barbershop Quartets are coached by champion barbershopper, Randy “Beef” Baughman, and Elite is directed by the Men’s Chorus graduate assistant Dustin Hill.


  The BGSU Men's Chorus has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with barbershop singing thanks to former director Richard (R.D.) Mathey. Barbershop music is said to be one of the few truly American musical styles in existence, and many current and former Men's Chorus members have made names for themselves in the field of barbershop singing. The Barbershop Harmony Society (formerly SPEBSQSA), as well as international champion quartets The Rapscallions (1984), Interstate Rivals (1987), Acoustix (1990), The Ritz (1991), Marquis (1995), Yesteryear (1997), Platinum (2000), and Max Q  (2007) have all featured former Men's Chorus members. In the college competition, the BGMC has produced 4 collegiate quartet champions. Since 1992, The Real Deal (1994), Stop The Presses (1995), Catfish Bend (2002) and Prestige (2011), have all been crown champions in the college division. There are also several quartets currently competing in Society contests with BGMC alumni in them. Among them are Uptown Sound (2002 International Silver Medalists), Hot Air Buffoons, Hot Topic, Catfish Bend.

For information about booking a Varsity Barbershop Quartet or our chamber choir, please contact Prof. Tim Cloeter (cloetet@bgsu.edu; 419.372.8288 office).

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