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Touring with a large ensemble is an expensive venture and nearly all of the funds required to do so are raised or paid by Chorus members.  Each year the Chorus holds two major fundraisers: in the fall, the Hot-Tub-a-Thon, and in the spring, the Annual Banquet.

The Hot-Tub-a-Thon in the fall is one of the most unique fundraisers ever created: for 50 straight hours, members of the Chorus take turns sitting shifts in a hot tub located outdoors in the frigid Bowling Green air.  Passersby pay to make a Chorus member chase a rubber duck they’ve thrown, sometimes across snow and ice.  The utter craziness of this annual event has attracted the attention of local newspapers and television stations, and has even been covered by CNN.
The Annual  Banquet in the spring features a talent show during the catered meal, a keynote speech by an honored alumnus, and a concert by the Chorus.  Family, friends, and alumni of the Chorus buy tickets from current members for whom a portion of each ticket price is credited to their individual fundraising accounts.  Funds raised by individual members in this way are used to offset the spring tour fee each member must pay to go on tour.

Your donation to the Men’s Chorus is always welcome.  Tax deductible donations can be made at (designate “Men’s Chorus” under the College of Musical Arts).  Alternatively, you could mail a check made payable to “BGSU Men’s Chorus” to the director, Tim Cloeter, at: College of Musical Arts, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 43403-0290

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