Collegiate Chorale Auditions

Auditions for Collegiate Chorale are held at the end of the Spring semester for the following academic year, and during the first week of the Fall semester. All prospective members must sing a prepared solo piece and demonstrate basic sight-reading skills for all three choral faculty in the first week of the Fall semester, and I sometimes use Spring semester voice juries to assess solo vocal qualities of prospective members. All prospective members must also sing an additional, longer audition privately for me in which they demonstrate more advanced sight-reading skills as well as other choral skills. In this private audition, prospective members perform some exercises they have prepared beforehand.

Use the pdf to the right of the page describing the exercises you must prepare for your audition. Right click the image and choose "Save As" to save the exercises to your own computer.

Auditioning can be nerve-wracking, but if you have some skills and experience and a strong desire to achieve excellence in choral music-making, then I urge you to be courageous and audition. I am truly interested in hearing you do your best, so I try to run friendly and supportive auditions.

-Prof. Cloeter

Audition Exercises