"The Indian culture is a mosaic of cultures – a fusion of Thygaraja's Carnatic music with Amir Khusro's innovations in Hindustani Classical, a ballet of Dandiya sticks matching rhythms with a Bharatanatyam performance, a sensation felt in Mira's couplets in praise of Lord Krishna and Tagore's nationalist literature, an architectural celebration of the Taj Mahal and South Indian temples, a traveler's surprise when looking at the snow-peaked Himalayas and then the backwaters along Indian coasts.




BG's chapter of Indian Student Association (ISA)

Established in 1985, it is an effort by Indian students, faculty and other international friends in Bowling Green State University to celebrate Indian cultural tradition and create a microcosm of India keeping the vibrant pulse of plurality epitomized in Indianess alive. "



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